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Ranchhor Das

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since May 29, 2016
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Recent posts by Ranchhor Das

Today I encountered with the same issue.

In my case, I had a catalog attribute defined with @Table in my DB entity class. After removing the catalog it worked perfectly.
Hi Rav,

I am also facing the issue.

How did you resolve it?

Thanks in Advance!!!
I am using a mocked service in SOAP UI as my server side to get a response for a soap request I make from my Java web service client.

My Java web service client forms a proper request but I get below response:

I have set these parameters to false, still the issue persists:

I see a proper request in my logs but when I see the tcpdump the request is empty. The tag <soap:body/> is empty:

Did anyone faced this issue in past. Please let me know how to fix it.

Please let me know if this information is not sufficient.
4 years ago