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Recent posts by Swami nathan

Hi Craig

Kudos on your new book. Just read the sample chapter and I just love the colors used in the book. Its very readable and eyes-friendly. Good job!

Coming to questions, I have an age old question to you on UI framework. For a greenfield transactional JEE/Spring based system, what UI framework would you personally recommend. Our team of developers have good Struts knowledge and limited Spring MVC, JSF knowledge but training them (i.e getting them equipped) is not an issue.

12 years ago
Hi Cameron

Kindly share some of the best practices while using Hibernate. Does your book share some tips on them?

Thank you.
[ June 02, 2008: Message edited by: Swami nathan ]
Thank you Scott and Cameron!
Glad to share that I have passed SCEA 2. Just got the results, have scored 77. Submitted Part 2 and took Part 3 on 30 March 08. It just took 1 month to get the results.

Class Diagram - 36
Component Diagram - 30
Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams - 11

Used the following books:

- Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology Study Guide
- Martin Fowler's UML book and glanced many J2EE books over the last few months.

I have 6+ years of Java experience. Although I'm not an architect since 2006 I'm into designing application and involved in architecture discussions.

Looking forward to learn more and be an architect.
[ May 01, 2008: Message edited by: Swami nathan ]
Understand from Sun that voucher's expiry date and registration expiry are tied. Rescheduling of exam beyond voucher's expiry date cannot be done.

This is for vouchers that are directly bought from Sun. Not sure about registering for exam by paying directly through Prometric.

Moderator, please update the FAQ.
Kengkaj: Its an electronic voucher. You will receive it in your email.
Congrats Tyler!.

Thank you for sharing.
I would say that such questions are too low level for the SCEA exam. I did not get any such questions.

All the best. Let us know how you have fared.
Thank you all.

Manish, I used hard copy, borrowed from local library.

As far as mocks, I find most of the mocks that are available online have almost the same questions. They contain questions from Allen's book, Cade's book and Whizlabs. You might want to try the mocks mentioned in Peter cook's post.
Hi All,

I just passed SCEA part 1 with the above score. It took me few months. But I prepared seriously only the last two weeks(atleast 1 to 2 hrs daily).

Although I have done many Java projects none of them were involving EJB's.

Materials used:

- Mark Cade's SCEA book (must have)
- Paul Allen's SCEA book
- HF EJB ( if EJB is new to you)
- HF Design Patterns
- IBM's SCEA tutorial
- Pete Morgan's notes (good summary of all topics)

With all the above materials, I was actually going nowhere until I read a gem of a post from Peter Cook (https://coderanch.com/t/155477/java-Architect-SCEA/certification/Part).
This post helped me to focus.

I used the following mocks.

- CD from Paul Allen's SCEA book
- http://www.harishramchandani.com SCEA mock
- Mark Cade's practice questions

If you have good IT experience and an aptitude for reasoning, I would say that it is an easy exam.

All the best to SCEA part 1 aspirants.

Thank you
Hi Ganesan,

Are any books/reading materials that should be used with EPractize labs? If yes what are they?

Thank you.
Congrats Cleuton and Thanks for the tips.
Hi Ganesan,

I am preparing for SCEA Part I now.

What does SCEA Exam EPractize Labs covers? Part I (theory) or Part II/III (design)?

Is it just for practising what we know already or can it be used to learn new concepts?

Thank you.
Thank you all.

Fuzail: My suggestion is to memorize the specs related to HF chapters 4,5,6,10 & 13.

Thank you.
s n