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Recent posts by Chloe Loh

Hi guys,
I need to migrate some data from Lotus Notes to Ms SQL Server. However, I'm not Lotus Notes developer. C
an anyone suggest some reading resources that I can learn some basic of Lotus Notes so I know how to export data from it to Ms SQL?

Best Regards,
Hi there,
I'm developing a system with dot net and sql server now, is there anyone can recommend some good forums? or may be anyone also doing similar development, pls contact me, may be we can share information and experience......thanks
17 years ago
Thanks...these books really help.....
Hey everybody,
May I have some recommendations of books or forums that good for IT project management?
Like how to coordinate the work among the team members, how to synchronize the codes among them and the proper way to manage the release version of application...
Thanks for attention.....

Originally posted by Matt Cao:

Hi Chloe,
Which "blind" men country do you lived? My dad used to say: "if you happens to live in the blind men country, all you need is one eye to be their king."
2 & 3 seems like specialist jobs.
1 seems like a support engineer/developer job.
Based on your career goal, I think you prefer option 1. But you need some encouragement. How proactive or outgoing are you? Is it a diversify company? Some companies despite sheltering under the diversify umbrella for P.R./P.C. actually homogenous with an accent of minority here and there. Is this company documentation well organize? Have you seen them? Where is your immediate manager base? Is the mangager have an open office door policy or practice by himself? Where is the IS team locate? What kind of operation mold is the company operated on? Did you like the team even for the brief periods interface previously? There are times you will discover the problem is not in the coding but in the management or in the operation flow chart. You need them to back you up so you could talk with your manager and recommend changed. You will work with cross departments and function as you gain more knowledge. This job requires multidimensional individual.
Good Lucks,
[ June 28, 2003: Message edited by: Matt Cao ]

Thanks a lot Matt,
Your advices really help a lot for me in considering which job best suited me. I really have to make my decision as fast as I can now, delay in making the decision seems very unsincere for those companies.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Manish Hatwalne:
Three offers to choose from in this economy!!! Man, am I jealous?
Cool! Option 2 & 3 seem more interesting to me, of course the payment also would be a major factor.
- Manish

I think I'm lucky to get jobs in this bad economy but I guess it's not really that difficult to get a job in my country because most of the companies don't expect good developing skills, as long as you can come out with something working and they can sell, quality doesn't matter much here. And they might be more interested in whether you can work late and on weekend. A bit out of the topics.
Nevertheless, they pay almost same, the 2) and 3) jobs also sounds more interesting for me. But honestly, local software companies here don't really care much about project management, planning, analysis & design. You can find the codes in the whole project have no comment at all, No documentation, and there could be a J2EE project, only MVC is the design pattern you can find they are applying.

I'm thinking to move to IT implementation and project management field in future. I'm thinking if I should gain more experience with the job 1) 1st by supporting the project developed in an international company.
Mnnn....curious.....may I ask my friends here from all those countries that with longer software development history and more advanced technology. Are there most of the softwares developed by your local software house are planned and designed professionally or there also could be situation like "Just Do It! change and documentation when problem occurs" :roll:
Treat it as a sharing of developers' life in every corners in this world.....
17 years ago
i was very happy and feel i'm lucky that I got 3 offers at the same time, but the problem comes...which one I should take?
1) This is a international company, they offer a job for customizing and supporting their ERP, SCM and EAM system with java. Although it's international company, I just need to support local customers.
2) This is a small local software house, they offer a j2EE programmer post to develop online payment application.
3) This is a small local software house, they offer a j2EE programmer post to develop online stock and shares application.
Obviously, the small software house in our country don't have proper SDLC, don't have documentation.
I'm new to J2EE programming, I hope that I can become a IT solution provider which can propose solutions to improve work process, service or anything in the life and implementing them in future.
Now, I'm looking for a job that I can gain the experience for it and gain the experience for a better future career. May I have some suggetions from my fellows? Which job is more possible to make a good future career?
Thanks all, I have been scratching my head on this, but I haven't come out with a decision, might need more opinion from you all, who have more experience..
17 years ago

Originally posted by Simon Brown:
What type of project are you looking for? Also, what type of Java technologies are you interested in?

Thanks for your reply.
I'm looking for projects more business relevant so I can gain some experience by working on it. The technology I'm interested in are J2EE, Java and preferably database relevant. Hope you can give me some more advice...
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some open source projects that I can join and contribute some effort. Can anyone give me some links to the open source projects that I can join? I remembered I saw something about that in this forum, but forgot where it is. Thanks first if anyone can show me some links.

Originally posted by Dave Cronin:
Congratulations, very good score. (If I remember correctly, Sun will sends the details about how to download the logo, the procedure is the same as for SCJP.)

Yeah, you are right, I just received the mail today. A bit troublesome to repeat the whole procedure again, may be it's more secure to do it in this way. When I got my MCP, Microsoft just sent the logo access's user name and password to my email only. easier for lazy people like me. Thanks for your info, anyway, I'll send the mail again.
17 years ago
I'd like to thank all of you here in javaranch who have been providing useful information and suggestion for the exam preparation.
I've prepared the exam with the Hanumanth Deshmukh book, JSP and Servlet APIs.
I got 2 questions wrong and both of them are in TAG sections. This exam is pretty simple compared the SCJP but there are a few tricky questions I found still.
I'd like to know if anyone of you here know how I can get the logo for SCWCD? is that I have to repeat the same procedures I've gone through in SCJP or I can get it with the same account I've got?
THANKS again and good luck to all of you going to sit the exam
17 years ago
hi there,
has anyone tried to view some files(*.doc,*.xls,*.pdf) in the browser before?
I've tried to do it by this piece of code(<A HREF="testing.doc" Target="displayFrame" ><testing></A> , but it only works when it's pdf file. It doesn't work for MS office documents, it prompts a dialog box for me to save the file instead of displaying the file contents in browser, can anyone tell me how to solve it? Thanks a lot....
I have just found out the solution on the link as below:
I've got this resource in javaranch.
Thank you very much.
17 years ago
Hi there,
I had installed the tomcat 4.1.18 in my machine,
I configure the system variables as below:
I copied HelloWorldServlet.class(one servlet) to C:\Tomcat-4.1\webapps\chapter01\WEB-INF\classes and also its web.xml into the web-inf folder.
and I started tomcat and tried to connect to the URL(http://localhost:8080/chapter01/servlet/HelloWorldServlet).
it gave me this message:
HTTP Status 404 -/chapter01/servlet/HelloWorldServlet.
I did the same thing when I installed tomcat4.0 and it works fine.
I have looked at the tomcat 4.1.18 documentation but still can't get the clue. Hope somebody here can help. Thanks first.....
17 years ago
Hi all,
Same as tim, I'm also thinking of start taking master next year after I finish the web component developer exam. I have done some research on the course, university and career path recently. However, I'm still hesitating if I should take it, I'm thinking to ask for some opinions from u guys, so I can make a better decision
I'm taking master because
1) I would like to learn more, and I think my life could be more meaningful if I set a goal for myself to achieve.
2) I oso hope tat getting a master can help me to get a job that more interesting and challenging because my current job is neither related to software development nor management, I don't need to make any decision in my job characteristic, everything is repeatative.
3) I hope I can work as a IT manager in future, so a master might make me to be more competative for such a position in future.
Am I right to think in this way? Do you think all these reasons strong enough for me to take a master course? I have to think twice because taking a master course is expensive for me and it is really a BIG decision for me to make.
Thanks ...
17 years ago