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Recent posts by v giri

IBM calls 285 entry level, 286 mid-level and 287-advanced level. But 287 is kind of superset of 286 and so on. 285 tests ability to use ide, 286 expands further and 287 includes EJB but excludes web services, 288 focuses on web services. They need not be given in any order. All these (except 288 ?) would be replaced with Rational versions soon for websphere 6.
All Brainbench exams are free till 11/15. Enjoy!

There is no competition for free tests. I strongly feel that IBM gives out a lot more than 2000 advertised. The fine print says that they would give out 2000 vouchers (max 3 per person) to candidates who pass the exam. So the 1st 2000 get it - theoretically it may all be for a single exam. Practically it works out this way - if you get through in the 1st few days you can be nearly sure of getting it.

Create your Prime id early - so you don't need to worry about it last minute. You would be required to pay before you take the exam - I am not sure if anything other than credit card is okay.

Like Nick said, most of these information is available if you search ....

Best of luck and best wishes.

I have benefitted from such free vouhers in the past. Let me share a few things that could help newbies in this.

1. You may get any number of vouchers (i.e. any number of DIFFERENT exams)
2. You still need to complete all the exams by 6/30. (Sometimes they have extended this deadline but don't count on it).
3. You can probably take 3-4 vouchers and still make best use of it (assuming 1 month preparation per exam - difficult but possible).
4. Usually exams remain the same (since ICE days). Chances are that these are available with answers in Internet including Javaranch. Do a little research.
5. Just in case you cannot find anything about the exam, take the exam BEFORE 1/1. If you pass you are okay - just repeat it on 1/1. Otherwise do a little bit of research for answers for the questions you did not know and you are all set for 1/1. Instead of $10, it would be $20 for you but it is still deep discount.
6. The hard part is after you get the voucher. Do your best to give the exam AND PASS; otherwise it is just an opportunity lost for both yourself and another guy who missed out because of 2000 number.

All this information with the usual disclaimer that it may not work out exactly as it did for us in the past.

Best wishes

People start forgetting questions in direct proportion to time elapsed.

There are more problems:

Candidate cannot reveal actual questions as per agreement with vendor
Javaranch strongly discourages such posts - it is their policy as well.
At least with Javaranchers it is the traditional method - study, mock exams etc.

Best wishes

I know you hold strong views about Kushner's book. I also used Kushner's book to pass 287. I'm sure that if you try to take exam 287 only with Kushner's book, I can understand your disappointment.

Let me share my experience.

I went through huge problems with exam 483 - I found it extremely difficult and it seemed totally beyond me. The reason was you have to be very confident of EJBs, Servlets, JDBC and design patterns. Questions are thrown at you randomly and it can be bewildering for anyone.

I trust the best way to go through SCBCD and SCWCD before exam 484. You are sure of key components that make up the exam and you are also able to think of them integrated. Add it up with JNDI, JDBC and design patterns and you would be perfectly ready for exam 484. Exam 287 would appear to be a superset of exam 484 as you MUST know everything related to 484 for exam 287 plus Websphere knowledge to get it done. Kushner's book does not cover all 484-related objectives. I still feel that if you are strong in Websphere OR you are strong in J2EE you can just pass 287. Kushner's book covers Websphere aspect of 287; it did not cover J2EE to the extent needed for the exam. But for each component of J2EE there are huge books - so Kushner's book does not cover in depth.

Nevertheless I do appreciate that exam specific books are supposed to be complete in all respects to address exam needs for which this book may fall short. But the book clearly states that hands-on experience is a must for the exam which could take this into account.

For candidates without Websphere experience my suggested route would be


Just my 2 cents.

Best wishes
Any one has information on different stores and sale prices? Or links that list them?

NB: Hopefully the moderator would not kill this thread

19 years ago

YES. After 1z1-043 concluded, Oracle will carry on to OCM beta.

Are you sure? What is the source of your information and is there any more detail on this.

I have never heard of Beta for lab exams - hence I am very curious.

Thanks and best wishes

This question is best addressed in 'Products and Other Certifications' Forum which has lots of posts related to this exam.

Important topics for 484 include

EJBs - Monson Haefel's book or free Mastering EJB by Ed Roman's book
Strong Servlets / JSP knowledge - Specs / Sun Web Component Developer Study Guides.
Exposure to JNDI / JDBC - Specs are small and they are good enough.
RMI - Some exposure - 1 or 2 chapter from J2EE Books
Design Patterns - Some knowledge and application.

Please note that this exam has LOTS of topics to be covered and some questions test in-depth knowledge.

It is SCBCD + SCWCD + a lot more rolled into one.

You would be better off using preparatory materials of SCBCD and SCWCD plus browse design patterns and specs.

Best wishes
[ October 08, 2004: Message edited by: v giri ]
The second edition of Design Patterns Explained is coming out next month.

Best wishes
[ September 30, 2004: Message edited by: v giri ]
We will miss you Phil.

How many people help others selflessly?

Lots of us owe so much to you. You have been one of the reasons why Javaranch community is so vibrant.

May your soul rest in peace.
19 years ago

We all fail at some point in life. This is after all an exam. You have not extensively worked in this technology where there is so much to learn. Keep learning and certifications would follow naturally to you.

It appears that I am the first person on this site to fail.

Certainly not. Several people have posted their failures including myself.

I wonder if this is the case, or if others have failed and were too shy to write about it.

It is human nature not to brag about failures. But as a note of inspiration, let us remember that most failures are followed by pass soon after.

Best wishes.
19 years ago
Of all the exams that are given by Sun, I think SCJWS has most pre-requisites. While Sun demands only SCJP, I feel that IBM 141 & SCWCD are also pre-requisites to have a grip on the exam. Also SCBCD & IBM 484 are strongly recommended. Add to these EJB 2.1 (no exams yet), several new topics covered that are quite extensive (whether you go thro' specs running into few 1000 pages or RMH book). Design & Security round up the exam needs. While the exam itself is not too hard, preparation can put off anyone. I passed the beta but I could have bet during the preparation I had no chance whatsoever; yet the technologies were exciting so I could survive the preparation.

This exam is a superset of several other exams.

Best wishes

can we get it without attending the training.

If you have a friend who is an Oracle DBA, chances are that these materials are gathering dust in his shelves. Many companies send DBAs to these courses to consume their training budgets and make their DBAs *feel good*. No self-respecting DBA would keep them in his table for obvious reasons - they are of little value for a working DBA. I had a chance to look at them and was horrified. It seemed that somebody attended the course and then prepared OCP exam questions.

Best wishes

All questions can be found from that materials.

This is the saddest part of Oracle Certifications. If you just go through these materials, you can be zero to OCP in one week. If you really want to learn Oracle and pass OCP exams learn from Oracle Documentation and Certification books. Oracle is an ocean, yet you rarely find guys failing OCP exams.

Best wishes