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Quick! Take the red pill.... quick... now!
15 years ago
Hi Manish,

Why not volunteer doing a project by yourself as a test run in your company. The project should be small but something that is currently done by a project team of say 2-3 people being led by a so called PM. Sort of a programmer++ activity. In that way you can try an end to end project management experience. You do the analysis,design and development. Seek a mentor to help you in aspects you are not familiar with.

There are five cases we are testing in the company I work in. It is sort of doing a project by a 'generally' one-man team. Factors or situations that made us decide to try this is the presence of good IDEs with built-in code-generators, wizards, diagrammers, documenters and other tools which can help a signle person generate and manage far greater code or components compared to several years ago. Also, there is no reason why a programmer can't learn non-programming aspects of the process i.e. feasaibility studies, interviewing research, etc..

As a one-man team, it is 'generally' because resource persons still drop in frome time to time - like when one of the 'one-person-team' needed help in generating an NPV or DCFROI analysis.

The experiment have not yet been completed and results are mixed. The differences in results are currently being evaluated. One thing that was found out though is that there may be many projects which were thought by our superiors could only be assigned to a team can actually be done by one-man teams (developer cum project manager) sufficiently equipped and 'motivated'.

Furthermore, some company officers are beginning to think that this could be a way in for programmers to tread into the PM field without shedding their strong coding preference. And also to maximize PMs who only work on MS Excel/Word/Project...
16 years ago
I think there's a need for head first ease in explaining the depths of JCA, JAAS, JCE, java single sign ons, SSL in java and other acronyms out there.... sort of fortifications, moats, knights, tar (hot), crypts others... how java men defend against intruders, snorters, neanderthals, homo sapiens and the like....

Design patterns and OOAD are already HFed why not also for other solid topics like security...?

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16 years ago
Could the 40+ something make it this time against Liddel?
17 years ago
Here is a struts plugin named formdef where you don't need to construct getters and setters for actionforms. Check it out.


Here's also the manual

[ November 11, 2005: Message edited by: boyet silverio ]
17 years ago
Another view regarding SCJD vis a vis "prestige".

SCJD is supposed to be for those who don't have experience in Java programming. It is composed of a programming assignment and an essay exam. It is good for one's own personal self-development. But as for prestige, I don't know. Many programmers I meet don't hold it in as high regard as SCJP and the other exams. Their main contentions are:

1. that such an exam is done outside of a 'controlled' environment. You can bring it home.... and many things can happen if you bring it home... heh heh he.

2. "Sun should be paying me USD 400 to do the project assignment instead of the other way around".

3. It is more worthwhile to be involved in a for-pay project.
17 years ago
This is a new framework that does not make use of XML configurations. I tried it and it seems easy to learn.

This framework could also be more receptive to beginning JSP/Servlet programmers who are just beginning to use frame works as there's no new XML to learn.

It has also a nice way of doing away with the ActionForm (that is in Struts) by using filters on plain java objects.
Mentawai Filter
To keep the ball rolling....

1. Advantage: DynaActionForm/DynaValidatorForm helps reduce code as you can do away with the coding of the getter and setter of form properties in a basic ActionForm. The form properties will then just have to be declared in struts config.xml.

Struts ActionForm has been criticized by other-framework users who forget to realize that their framework also have their own version of "action form" to help make the connection of form properties to bean properties, although in an xml format.

2. Disadvantage: can't use it for file uploading. Have to use the basic ActionForm.

There are many advantages and disadvantages. Hope others can pitch in too....
17 years ago
Hello Mike,

You can also look at the "caching" capabilities of the Apache iBatis Data (SQL) Mapper. It has the capability of caching database-loaded objects which the iBatis framework can retrieve in case it encounters the same "select" statement again.
[ February 26, 2005: Message edited by: boyet silverio ]
17 years ago
Like many others, I appreciate the energy and sincerity you extended to the ranch. We condole with your loved ones and wish all the best for them. That gentle smile you're leaving us is also something that will be remembered...
18 years ago
Thanks for the reply Andrew.

I got it working by making eth0 trusted in the Security Level configuration. I don't know if there are any security side effects of this action since the other installations did not require the 'trust' (though this were however in lower RedHat version installations).

I'll look into the suggestions in the link you provided.
18 years ago
Fedora Core 2 (FC2) was installed in a Linux test server. In the process the bundled Tomcat 4.x and Apache Web Server were installed. I uninstalled the Tomcat rpm and installed a higher version Tomcat 5.x. In this new setup, the installed Apache page can be accessed via 'http://test_server.dom:80 while the Tomcat page can be accessed using 'http://test_server.dom:8080' - in the test server's browser.

The problem is in the Windows client machine, the URL to access the Apache page works but that for the Tomcat won't (http://test_server.dom:8080) - the browser message that appears is:

"Can't connect to test_server.dom (8080)."

Any thoughts on how to straigten this out? Thanks in advance.
[ September 22, 2004: Message edited by: boyet silverio ]
18 years ago

Any other design patterns book that you have read so far not in English?

There are many design patterns books out there written in Greek.

nice holler from our Greek friends.
18 years ago
Suppose I have the following return statement in an action:

return mapping.findForward("target");

"target" is mapped to a jsp page in struts-config.
How can the jsp be displayed in a new window using struts? Thanks in advance.
18 years ago
Hello Rick,
Know of any book on 'spring'?
18 years ago