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The question asks what does the output of the code contain and the answer is "abce" and "An exception with the message set to "3"". I understand the exception with the message set to "3", but I don't understand why the output is just abce. Shouldn't it include "d" since line 8 throws a RuntimeException and there is a catch block that takes in a RuntimeException?
For switch statements, I understand enum constants are allowed

I understand why they all don't compile. I'm wondering what an enum constant would look like (the last one doesn't compile because it is an enum value, not a constant)

[edited to fixed code tags]
Hey Roel De Nijs,

Thank you for replying!! It clarified a lot! The lambda is just another way to write a Climb object I guess, and I didn't catch that at all

I think for your pop quiz, it shouldn't compile because the interface takes in and 2 ints, not a StringBuilder and an int! Now I understand where the explanation is coming from

Thanks so much!
I'm a bit confused on the explanation of the answer
The code is

There is a compiler error on line 7 and the explanation states that it is because h is a StringBuilder and the interface method takes in two ints.
I understand that, but the check method takes in Climb climb, not an int. Can someone clarify this further for me?