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Shishio San

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since Aug 29, 2002
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Recent posts by Shishio San

Hi guys,
I need to maintain a jsp file. Different actions are taken according to the value of certain condition that i retrieve from a bean object. the first time i did it i ended up with a series of if-else statements and each new case requires the whole logic to be examined again. In one word this is becoming really tiring and not good at all.
I was thinking if some one can suggest a technology or anything that might ease the problem (xml configurator, tags ... )
20 years ago
1. B
2. A,B (A: still it has to be configured in the web.xml to load at start-up)
3. A

Originally posted by Stephen Lim:

A. ServletRequest

B. ServletResponse

C. HTTPRequest

D. HTTPResponse
(This question seems to be quite funky as none of the options are 'interface' in the J2EE 1.3 APIs, right?)[/QB]

These are all interfaces.
page : The instance of the JSP page's servlet processing the current request. Not typically used by JSP page authors.
pageContext: The context for the JSP page. Provides a single API to manage the various scoped attributes. javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext
Sure you can.
Two different implementations of the interface.
you need to define a default constructor in the parent class.
I read your sample chapter about handling exception. It was well explained with relevant examples. Congratulations.
Thank you Daniel and Sam. I was wondering if you have any idean about the changes Sun intends to make on the certification. is it worth waiting for the new version ...
The most frequent one should be enough
That what i did thx anyway
21 years ago
Is there anyway to make a japplet communication with a javabean
21 years ago
Hey Alfred that's a great score 8-)
I was sure you would do well in the exam
Congratulations dude
Keep up the good work
21 years ago
Does anyone know where can i get this package