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Recent posts by bento damasio

Re-create a whole new file from the corrupted/bloated file:

1. Open a new blank project file
2. Go to Insert/Project and insert the problem file.
3. Select the first task which will be the insertion point summary line.
4. Go to Project/Task Information/Advanced tab.
5. Uncheck the "Link to Project" button and hit "OK".
6. If the file isn't already expanded, expand it.
7. Select all tasks below the top level summary line.
8. Outdent the selected tasks.
9. Delete the first task which previously was a summary line.
10. Save the resulting file.
Hope this helps.

If this standard way does not help, then you can try to restore the file from backup, or in an extreme case, you can help Project Repair Kit that can extract information from the damaged file and save it in desired format. visit this website.
6 years ago
There is one inbuilt repair tool in WinRAR, which repairs corrupted ZIP and RAR files.
Steps are:
1. Open WinRAR application
2. Click on file, and then select open
3. A find archive window will be opened, select corrupt zip file from your system
4. Click on open button
5. Press Alt+R
6. Repairing File will be opened
7. Click on browse to save repaired file at desired location
8. Check Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box, and then click OK
9. After corrupt ZIP archive is repaired, click on close.
6 years ago
How to overcome your issue see below:

< Navigate to the location with the corrupted PDF file. Right-click on it and select "Rename." Type any other file name and hit "Enter." Sometimes, a simple rename can troubleshoot corrupt PDFs.

< Make sure your Adobe Reader is in working condition. Open any other PDF files on your hard drive to make sure the problem is not originating from your Adobe Reader. If it does, reinstall Reader from Adobe's website.

< Update Adobe Reader. Launch Adobe Reader from the Start menu under "All Programs." Click on the "Help" tab and select "Check for Updates..." Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installing the updates. Try re-opening the PDF file.
6 years ago