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Recent posts by infogroupe

Info Center is not suppose to wok
have a look a that
anyway it's not working neither for me!
20 years ago
I spend a long time to set Virtual host in WSAD 4.0 in order to have 2 applications on the same server like:
in vain
for the moment I have 1 application working with an url like:
<a href="http://server/<b rel="nofollow">myApp1</b>/index.jsp" target="_blank">http://server/myApp1/index.jsp
Ok but if in this index.jsp I make a redirection using uri like /servlet/myServlet witch correctly declared and functionnal I lost auomaticaly the application name (myApp1) and be redirected to server root!
instead of
It is the samre for images uri \image\foo.gif send me to server root...
Where am I suppose to settle this application root/context root? am I wrong??
21 years ago
yes your missing the host name ???
it should be smth like :
21 years ago
I've just import in a new WEBApp and VAJ3.5 application and all the import rules in may ejb referencing other personals classes in the webproject can't be resolved?
it is surelya a classpath issue but when i add the package from ejbProject properties/classpath/librarie, it don't work neither.
where I am wrong?
21 years ago
Need to migrate my repository on ORCL, I've just followed the IBM website 'how to', used the tools ugradeBP then restart the service but in vain
got this traced exception:
Failed to create tables {0} java.sql.SQLException: Exception d'E/S: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
this should be due to Dburl in the admin.config file, but is look correct :
first it was\ racle\:thin@\:1521\:MYSID
tried to remove backslash : racle:thin@
all thoses parameter a good, and furthermore, I make up a user named EJSADMIN on a alerady existing instance 'MYSID'
where I am wrong?
is Advanced edition allows Oracle admin repository ?
21 years ago
I already tried to restart PC, WAS console several times, first of all.
Anyway you told that there are tools for managing repository "(3) If not, then WIPE the database (remove it) and then run the admin script to create the database" ???
where/what is this script?
for now on I try a ORACLE REPOSITORY.
do you know the procedure to connect to ORACLE
full step by full step
thanks for all Kile.
21 years ago
WAS 3.5
got this excepetion while trying to start an application Une erreur s'est produite lors du d´┐Żmarrage.(error while starting)
at$ Code))

I suppose thie means my repository is DEAD...
tried to import an recent export fo WAS configuration but It sill not working
What can I do
21 years ago
Does WSAD support WAS 3.5 ? (=can we develop JSP, servlets and EJBs with WSAD, then deploy them to Websphere Advanced 3.5 ?)
21 years ago