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since Aug 29, 2016
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Recent posts by Aysenur Eroglu

Hello Everyone!

I've got the mail about Oracle's year-end offer 50% off on all digital training and exam vouchers and I want to share with you too:

The offer valid until Dec 31.

It's a big surprise for me while still preparing for 1Z0-809 and also after winning the book "OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-815".

Happy Learning!
Hello Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff,

What is your recommendation if we have OCA 8 ?

Should we prepare for 1Z0-815 or take 1Z0-809  or/and wait for your book and prepare for 1Z0-816 directly?

Thanks in advance,
Hello Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff,

I've been looking forward to your book since Oracle opened the JAVA 11 exam. Congratulations!

I have multiple questions I want to ask you:

1. Is this book enough for passing 1Z0-815 exam or should we also ...?
2. Will we wait a long time for 1Z0-816 exam book of you ?

Thanks in advance,

Reactive programming is popular. Since Java 8, functional programming style is really loved, especially streams. This topic is attractive.

But everything has drawbacks. When shouldn't we use reactive streams?

Thanks in advance,
2 years ago
Hello Everyone,

I have OCA 8 and I want to start preparation for OCP 11, 1Z0-816 exam.

What do you think about "Training On Demand" of Oracle?

Does anybody take this kind of course? Is it enough for the exam or is it a good idea?

Should I wait for Jeanne & Scott's OCP 11 or should I start working with this training?

All other suggestions for this exam preparation will be welcomed.

Thanks in Advance.

I also received my e-book. Thanks a lot.
3 years ago
Congratulations Jeanne!

So it's a gift for you : Women in Technology

Happy Women's Day!
3 years ago
Happy Women's Day for everybody!

Here is my blog post for the International Women's Day: "Women in Technology" .

If you read and leave a comment, I will be really happy.

Thank you very much for all of your support.

3 years ago

Thank you Cay Horstmann and thank you goat
3 years ago
Hello Cay Horstmann,

I haven't read a lot about Java 9 but really curious about if the Jigsaw ( or Java Modularity, I am not sure how to describe it) replaces the OSGI. What are the differences and similarities?

Could you please guide me about what should I read about this?

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago
Hello everyone,

Actually, I am using Adobe Digital Editions and page numbers are not same as erreta list, as I see.

In my version it is on 208, but when I check the errata list i think it should be 265; i think after table 5.7 in the fist two examples are inconsistent.

First example tells that java looks the default first, and then go through the requested in the getBundle method locale:

Locale.setDefault(new Locale("hi"));
ResourceBundle rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle("Zoo", new Locale("en"));
The answer is six. They are listed here:

4. Zoo_en.propertie

But second example tells the opposite; despite the visitor from Quebec, Java goes throug the requested one first. And program prints:
"Hello. Vancouver Zoo is open Canada visitor"

I think in the fisrt example the sorting should be changed as 3-4-1-2.

Or i could be misunderstood sth.

Thank you.