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Recent posts by sankar

Is the borderline survey also part of 90 minute exam ?
Persons who have attended exam in last week, please provide more information about this.
Thanx in advance
Sankar S
hi SP,
I think it is better to understand difference between the Keywords and Reserved word. The reserved words are set of words defined by the language and the user cannot use those words other then specified purpose.
The Keywords are the reserved words that are currently used by that language version, like Java 2.0 does not support the use of goto and const. But the persons who developed jave have defined these words meaning that it may be made possible to be used by some other versions.
Hope this will clear u'r doubt

So the case one is ruled out. coming to the case 2, the literals null, true and false are not considered as reserved words.

Hi Aruna,
The statement,
System.out.print(" "+t1);
is like concatenation of the return value with null string and printing it. So if you pass '0' to the constructor, the 'if' condition get satisfies and null value is getting printed.
Hope this clarifies
Hi Folks,
Today afternoon i gave my certified but got only 78%.Strictly speaking not very happy.But i have say thanks to Mr.Lionel ,Steve ,Maha & for all others who directly & indirectly helped me to get certified. Definitely its true that this particular site has helped me to achieve this feat.The way we get responses is very striking.I will surely come here and talk with all of u later.
U can talk to me personally
you need to call super.processWindowListener() so that the listeners will be notified.
Any doubts refer to RHE it is clear in that.
Hi Everybody,
I am taking scjp on thursday.I wrote all the three mock exams of marcus green got scores around 47 -51 correct answers.This site is also very useful for me to grade my skills and know(learn) my weak points.I am really very much satisfied by the prompt replies
Mr.Lionel ,Steve & Herbert & all others .
Can i get high points which i can skim before going to test centre.
It seems the coordinate should be(50,0).Pls. clear this doubt.
i am getting around 47 to 51 correct.This thursday i am going to give my exam.Any advice???
shall i know what number of exams are there in this site.I have done 3 exams.Are there more???
Thanks Mr.Steve & Mr.lionel
your explanations & program helped me to clear my doubt.Shall i know from which place are u both???

if possible write to me
Thanks Mr.Steve & Mr.lionel
your explanations & program helped me to clear my doubt.Shall i know from which place are u both???

Thanks Mr.Lionel i got it.If any question comes in real test credit must go to u.
But i didn't got any answer from ur explanation.May be i am stupid.Better explain step by step
Thanks arjit,
I was confused after taking that exam.Now i got my confidence.
this week i am taking exam & i need to maintain conf.& tempo.
Thanks for ur reply
I am confused with this concept pls.share knowledge
}catch(subexcep se){System.out.println("subexcep");}
}catch(exce e){System.out.println("excep");}
System.out.println("after finally");}
1.what happens if subexcep occurs?
2.if excep occurs & caught does the statement afterfinally gets executed?
3.if some other eception occurs which is not handled what happens?
any good points to remember on this topic