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Recent posts by Johaness Murong

The problem is resolved.  I went  to the WebLogice Admin Console,  click on Deployments,  click on the name of the application,  click on the Testing tab  and I saw the URL (listen point + listen port) that I should use.
3 years ago
I have tested deployment of my application on my local WebLogic server.  After I start the local WebLogic server, I am able to display my application by this URL: http://localhost:7001/ClassSchedule/Schedule.jsp          

Then, I deployed the same application on a remote WebLogic server (on a UNIX OS).  I am able to go to that WebLogic Admin Console by using this URL:     I can see my application under "Deployments" with State:Active, Health: OK, Type: Web Application, Targets: pspd_SysTech_apsms-d0170_ms1, deployment Order: 100.  And I also viewed the installed configuration of my application, The Context Root is /Class Schedule.

On the Admin Console, I checked the checkbox of my application, clicked on the Start button, selected the "Servicing All Requests" on the menu, and clicked Yes.

But, when I try to display my application by     I get Error 404: not found.

Please help to diagnose the problem.  Thank you very much.

3 years ago
I ran the same ANT script with the "debug" flag; i.e., C:\...\Project_Name>ant -debug

I spot a message:

[] Could not load definitions from resource org/apache/tools/ant/antlib.xml. It could not be found.


Is it the cause that my "copy" task does not perform anything?  

I do not see the antlib.xml file under my ant installation directory.  
4 years ago
I must work with JDK 1.6 because it is the version used at work.  I searched on the internet and found a document saying that the WebLogic 12C is compatible with JEE 6.  Although I am uncertain JEE6 also means JDK 1.6.

Therefore, I downloaded an older version of the WebLogic server, which was 12.1.3 (i.e., fmw_12., from the Oracle site.  There was no problem with installation and configuration until I reached the very last step.  The configuration asked me to choose between Hotspot and JDK.  I selected JDK and browse to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_45, which is also the setting of JAVA_HOME in my work station environment variable.  My selection of JDK 1.6 was rejected by the WebLogic configuration wizard.

First, please advise that what should I do with the WebLogic 12.1.3?  

I know for certain that the WebLogic 12.1.1 works with JDK 1.6 and maybe the WebLogic 12.1.2 does too.  I searched on the internet and could not find versions 12.1.1 or version 12.1.2 to download.  The Oracle site only has 12.2, 12.1.3, and 10.3.6 for download.

Second, please help if anybody knows where to find the WebLogic 12.1.1?

Thank you very much.  It would be a great help.
4 years ago
I have tried many different ways to make it work.  But, my ANT "copy" task just does not copy any file.  The ANT script shown below makes directories as expected, And Java code gets compiled (I can see those classes files).  There is no error reported in the console.  Now, I keep the script simple.  I have only on "copy" task.  And I do not attempt to do anything else. Please help.

4 years ago
While I am still hoping someone could help me with my previous ANT related question (the "copy" task does not work), I have a question about auto build and deployment of a Maven project.

The server in use is the WebLogic.  To my understanding, we can manually build a Maven project by giving a command "mvn clean install" in a DOS window at the project root directory.  To deploy the project, the command is "mvn clean install -Pdeploy".

I am going to move to auto build and auto deploy using the Bamboo continuous integration tool.  How do I modify the pom.xml file to achieve automation?  

I am really new in this area.  Please guide me.  Thank you.
4 years ago
Hello Paul,  You are right.  The cause of the problem is

The current working directory when you ran the script wasn't what you hoped it would be.  

 I have to change:


Now, I am able to compile the Java classes (i.e. javac works).  I can see the compiled Java classes under root/build/classes folder.

However, I still cannot build a WAR file (I have read those previously posted relevant threads and tried to follow the examples).  I can see 1. the "copy" tasks do not work because I do not see files are copied into the "build/war" directory; and 2. the "war" task is not doing anything.  Nevertheless, there is no error message on the console.  Here I post my ANT script and hoping to get some more help.  Thank you very much.

4 years ago
It is me again.

Sorry, the "Java Resources" is Eclipse specific.  To be accurate, under the project root, there are src, build, WebContent folders and the build.xml file.

Hoping someone could kindly help.  Thank you.
4 years ago
I have a simple web application developed in the Eclipse Luna.  The directory structure of the application is like:

+--- SchoolSchedule
+--- +--- Java Resources
+--- +--- +--- src
+--- +--- +--- +--- org.eclipse.wtp.sample.classchedule
+--- +--- +--- +--- +---
+--- +--- +--- +--- +---
+--- +--- +--- +--- +---
+--- +--- build
+--- +--- WebContent
+--- +---+--- META-INF
+--- +---+--- WEB-INF
+--- +--- +--- +--- lib
+--- +--- +--- +--- +--- jstl.jar
+--- +--- +--- +--- +--- servlet-api.jar
+--- +--- +--- +--- +--- standard.jar
+--- +--- +--- +--- web.xml
+--- +--- +--- Schedule.jsp
+--- +--- build.xml

The build.xml is at the project root.  This web application runs successfully.

I created an ANT script to compile, build a WAR file, and deploy it.  But, even the basic task does not work.  I right click on the build.xml --> run as ... --> Ant build.  In the console, I can see all the echo messages and no error.  However, I do not see any new directories created (I "refresh" the project.).  No "class" files compiled from the Java code and not to mention build and deploy.  

There is something I did not get it right.  Please help.  Here is my Ant script:

4 years ago