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Recent posts by Bruno Soares Bravo

Guys, guys.... I'm so happy.

I passed 1Z0-810 with 96%. Really amazing score

I studied Java 8 for a long time and I learnt with small steps and very patiently. I really enjoyed the process of learning Java 8.

I bought the book Java 8 In Action. It is a great book, great resource to understand Java 8. I used to read this book whenever I had a free time.

A few months before my exam I bought "Java OCP 8 Programmer II Study Guide" and read like two times the chapters that are most important for the upgrade certification. It is a great book but pay attention to the errata.

A few weeks before the exame I did the Enthuware tests. Enthuware is a must indeed.

Thank you everyone,

Bruno Bravo

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4 years ago
In the given example Paris is actually 4:30 ahead of Kolkata time. I'd suggest adding some clarification to this example on errata's page :/
Hi there,

On Chapter 5, page 236, paragraph 5 the book says:

"After converting to GMT, you can see that the Paris time is four and a half hours behind the Kolkata time"

But look, the equivalent GMT time of Paris is "2015-06-20 5:50" and the equivalent GMT time of Kolkata is "2015-06-20 1:20". Isn't Kolkata four hours behind Paris iin this case or did I misunderstand something?

Mikalai Zaikin Quiz says: "although findAny is explicity nondeterministic, no effort will be made to randomize the element returned, and processing will start from 1st element for sequential stream.".

It's a very confusing topic indeed.  
The errata's page of the authors ( says:

"The merge() method of the Stream API was removed from the objectives list."
Change occurred in November 2015.

What is this method merge of the Stream API? Isn't it the merge method of the Map interface? Did the exame really removed this topic?