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Recent posts by Vani Kadur

Assuming you have done a copy/paste of your DD, I notice that the element </serlvet> has incorrect spelling. Try correcting this.
It is always a good idea to make sure that your web.xml is well formed. One simple way to do it is to open it in a browser and make sure it opens without any errors.
19 years ago
Yes. I agree. The answer to Mock Exam Q22 is "A". Only the include directive adds static content in a JSP.
Hi all,
I took the SCWCD exam last week and passed scoring 85%. I am happy with my score.
I used HFS, the specs and a few mock exams - javaranch, j2eecertificate, JWebPlus trial for my preparation. I scored 71% on the HFS mock exam. Some of these mocks are for the J2EE 1.3, so pay attention to what is relevant for 1.4.
Here are a few suggestions for future exam takers:
Know all the DD elements very well - including env-entry tags and EJB related tags.
Know EL very well - You need this to answer EL questions and also to answers questions on custom tags. You really need to know this!
Know the attributes for JSTL tags - what is valid, required or optional.
JSP and EL implicit object and what class/interface type they are.
Know the API for some of the important classes - the classes and some important methods are given in HFS chapters.
Questions on design patterns were pretty straight forward- scored 100% on this section.
Few things you need to know, but covered lightly on HFS are - dynamic attributes, RequestDispatcher include method.

Hope this info is useful.
Congratulations Hema. Good luck for your future endeavors.
Hello everybody,
I passed the IBM test and thanks to Javaranch and the ranchers for all the valuable information and discussion. Here is my experience about the exam, which may be a repetitin of what others have said:
The exam is tough compared to the sample test.
Managing time is crucial.
Reading specs for XSLT, Schema, DOM helps very much.
Be well prepared with detils of Xpath
For my preparation I used the book "XML Bible", web resources including those listed on Javaranch XML links page and articles on IBM developerworks website.
Hi all,
I got my test voucher yesterday.
I think it depends on the operating system. If the OS has preemptive scheduling and if a higher priority thread becomes ready then the thread is moved from running to ready state.
Hi Krutika,
You seem to be getting good scores on the mock exams. From my own experience I feel that you will probably score more the actual exam because the questions are clear and unambiguous. If you have a book like the Exam Cram then this is what you want to read in the last few days of your preparation. If you have made notes that might also help you to get all the details nailed down during your last minute preparation.
Keep cool and good Luck.
The trim() method returns the reference to the same object if it does not need to be modified, that is it has no leading and trailing blanks. If the original String object needs to be changed then a reference to a new String object is returned.
Hope this helps.
Congrats Sathi! That is a good score.
22 years ago
I am having trouble with session tracking in servlet/JSP pages. I have a form in my JSP page the action for which is handled by the servlet MyServlet. Here is the code snippet:
<%@ page session="true" %>
<form name="myForm"
Your Session ID: <%=session.getId() %>
When I open this page in the browser, it prints the session ID. I am trying to access the session object from MyServlet and it is coming out to be null and the following code prints :
"Session is null"
public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response )
throws IOException, ServletException {
HttpSession session = request.getSession(false);

if(session == null) {
System.out.println("Session is null");
I don't want to create a new session in the servlet but want to use the HttpSession(session) created by the JSP page.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

[This message has been edited by Vani Kadur (edited May 24, 2001).]
23 years ago
Hi DJ,
I did not take any exam more than once except for those which selected the questions randomly and some questions got repeated. So there was no issue of memorizing or remembering the answers. I took about 10 - 12 mock exams. There are so many exams available free and I did not think it was necessary to repeat the exams.