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Recent posts by Hafizur Rahman

Please search this forum for SCEA Beta. Hopefully you will find lots of information.
Certificate as a paper does not hold any real value, from my point of view. If industry does really value the recognition, a plain paper is enough. Is not it?
I see, that is about the minimum points on each section to pass.

Originally posted by Mellon Sun:
I noticed that there is only a record for part III which shows:
Essay test passed. But there is a score 116.

And in the assignment there are:
Points Minimum Pass
Component Diagram 40 26
Class Diagram 40 26
Deployment Diagram 24 17
Interaction Diagrams 16 0
Risk & Mitigation List 16 0
Part 3 Short Answer 24 17

So, I guess the score 116/160 is my final score, and I think I really passed it complete. OK, it is not a very nice score.

Where did you find the detailed score? Please let us know.
I bought this book on year 2003. But even though I read it several times, it is hard to get the insight. It's robotic. That's why I did not used for SCEA 5 preparation. This is somehow focusing on API and thus seems short sighted.

While if you go through Mark Cade's book (specially sample question and assignment part), you can readily feel the difference how an Architect should think.

I got another resource valuable for basic preparation.

Originally posted by chris zielinski:
I got 144/161. Hopefully we'll get a breakdown soon to see where we lost the points

I just checked Cert manager database and found that I got 141 out of 160 on part II/III. That's 88%!!!

I am really excited! Yahoo!!!
[ March 02, 2008: Message edited by: Hafizur Rahman ]
Though this topic is not discussed for long, recently I got some clarification about Business Delegate.

Though BD resides on Web/Client tier, this is actually a Business tier component. That's why they are generally provided by the component developer.
My experience is somewhat similar to Theodore Casser.

However, after passing SCEA 5, I felt that in order to handle real architectural issues (both functional and non-functional requirements) for enterprise applications, one needs to be a System Administrator as well to monitor and manage system health.

Another issue is architect should possess good communication skills, otherwise the effort may be less effective.

Is there any advice from more experienced architects to junior ones?
Well, I started with use cases, identified the functionalities, grouped them in terms of relevance. Refined the BOM and created the class diagram with relationship and cardinality. Then I focused on sequence diagram and refined the class diagram several times. Then for component diagram, I focused on implementation related issues like JSP, session beans, entities etc. Once these 3 are in concrete shape, I rechecked for accuracy and consistency.

Like others, I was also confused about deployment diagram and I created most basic and simple diagram with high level protocols shown (HTTP, JDBC etc.).

At first it was hard for me to find out top 3 technical risk, but finally I could come up to some reasonable ones.
Personally being a SCEA 5 architect and not having so long Java EE project experience (only 2 year spanning over 5+ years), I wonder that there are some other guys who passed this exam with similar type of experience.

Would you mind to share your current job role specially regarding Java? Oh, I should tell about myself. I am a software manager of Enterprise Solutions Group, BJIT.

Originally posted by Valter Bruno Konrad Neto:
I didn't pass! :roll:

But, CONGRATULATIONS for those who passed!

Now i want to do the essay again!

Folks.. do you know when will we get the mail with the results of the test? Will we receive these kind of mail?
Will I just to do the corrections?
Will I need to do just the project again?
Will i need to do part 3 again?

What happen now? i have a lot of questions!


You will only need to resubmit the assignment worth of $150.
And finally I am a certified architect!

Originally posted by Islam Azaz:
If Sun will follow the same pattern of part 1, all of us should receive an e-mail about 4:00 PM Pacific time

Still Thursday for the Prometric! I missed the point that I am 16 hours ahead of Prometric.

Hope for the best!