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Andre Tampubolon

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since Oct 27, 2016
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Recent posts by Andre Tampubolon

OK, a little progress.

Now I'm able to read the message subjects correctly. But still no luck in reading the message body itself. I got a javax.mail.FolderClosedException when calling readPlainContent(). I guess because the inbox hasn't been opened yet.
With standard javax.mail API, I do this:

No idea how to do this with Spring...

10 months ago
Hi, I'm a Spring beginner. Currently studying this example.
So far, it works. For every mail that arrives in my Gmail inbox, eventually the code will print new line, like this:

23:51:21.736 INFO  [pool-2-thread-1][org.springframework.integration.samples.mail.imapidle.GmailInboundImapIdleAdapterTestApp] Message: GenericMessage [payload=org.springframework.integration.mail.AbstractMailReceiver$IntegrationMimeMessage@3b1d7ac6, headers={id=5a5ac31d-203c-c324-dcda-7ed8ae9214ff, timestamp=1570639881729}]

My question is how to retrieve the body of the mail? There's this part of the code:

I guess it's probably but still not sure what's the rest.
How to solve this?
10 months ago
I'm working an a simple image processing app (using Netbeans).

Now I have these 2 classes (simplified for clarity):

MainForm is... well the main from (which contains the main() method).
When its btnLoad is clicked, EditForm will appear and display the image previously displayed on MainForm
We can do fancy image processing stuffs here. Once done, click the btnOK, EditForm will disappear and the edited image will be displayed
in lblImage.

What I want to know is how to "pass" the image edited on EditForm to MainForm's lblImage if EditForm's btnOK is clicked?
Thank you.
3 years ago