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Ioanna Katsanou

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since Nov 10, 2016
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Java Oracle
Hello, my name is Ioanna.

I have completed my Master studies in the field of Informatics. My undergraduate studies stand in the field of Mathematics which gave me the opportunity to successfully enter the area of programming which I find extremely interesting.

I really enjoy Java programming language.
I am currently working as a junior Java Developer and seeking each day to learn something new.
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Recent posts by Ioanna Katsanou

I java a java method, which makes a connection to a web service.
Sometimes this method takes too long to make the connection.
I want for example it it takes longer than 5 seconds, then to stop the current procedure and restart all over for 3 more times. If all times fail, then abort completely.

I have written the following until now:

The first column is considered to be the key, so only for the first,
but it should insert all columns

They are both Oracle DBS and they cannot talk to each other
Is it a good idea maybe to select all the names from DB B, and store them in a SET

and then while iterating through the resultset from DB A , check if name exists in SET and if it does not exist then insert the record?
Hello everyone,

I am facing with the following issue:

I have two Databases, that have a table of the same form.

For example

Database A, Table 1

Database B, Table 2 has the same columns.
I want to run the program every 1 minute and to compare all the values of the two databases, and i something does not exist in Database B to add it.

Do you know what is the most efficient way to do this?

I though of the following:

select all values from Database A
in the  
select the value from DB B to see if the record exists.
If it exists then move on to the following record.
If it does not exist then insert the record in Database B.

My way is a little time consuming.

All ideas are welcome

Thank you,

I want to insert a row in to an Oracle DB in the following form:


and then select it as well.

Does anyone know how to achieve that?

For example:

Hello everyone.

I am about to give the  Oracle Java Cloud Service Certified Associate | 1Z0-161 certification.
I found some Mock tests online but I am  not sure which is the best.

Just Certs

Pass 4 sure

Oracle study

Has anyone tried any of the above sites ?

Also has anyone given this exams and has any pointers or study recommendations?

Thank you,

I figured it out
=SUBSTITUTE(A1&"45";" ";"45 ")

thanks !!

I want to create the following:
I have a column in excel named "names"

Mary White
Bob Smith

and I want this column to become as following:

Mary45 White45
Bob45 Smith45

Does anyone know a way to achieve this in Microsoft Excel?

Thank you,
Hello everyone,

I was reading the OCP book by Selikoff and Boyarsky and n page 346-347 of the book where it explains two methods of the ScheduledExecutorService.
I wanted to know if I have understood correctly the usage of these two methods.

The first is scheduleAtFixedRate(Runnable command, long initialDelay, long period, TimeUnit unit)
and the second is scheduleAtFixedDelay(Runnable command, long initialDelay, long delay, TimeUnit unit)

The first method if for example I wrote:


will follow the following steps:

it will wait 5 minutes of initial delay,
then start the first task (on the 6th minute)
then on the 7th minute start the second task
on the 8th minute start the third task and so on..
if a task is still running, the ScheduledExecutorService would submit a new task to be started every minute.

The second method for example :


it will wait one minute initial delay
then it will start the first task and it will wait until the first task finishes.
Then it will wait a delay of two minutes
Start the second task and wait until the second tasks finishes
then it will wait a delay of two minutes
Start the third task and wait until the third task finishes

Is the above correct?

Thank you,
1 year ago
Thank you Knute Snortum  !
1 year ago
Hello everyone,

I was reading in SYBEX OCP bok page 287 about exceptions. I mentioned java.text.ParseException that is a checked exception and it much be handled.
The book also mentions that this exception is used when Converting a String to a number.

Could someone maybe has a simple example to see this exception in action?

Thank you,
1 year ago
Thanks !!

I will study one more time all this chapter with Optional so I can understand it better !
Thank you