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Hello, my name is Ioanna.

I have completed my Master studies in the field of Informatics. My undergraduate studies stand in the field of Mathematics which gave me the opportunity to successfully enter the area of programming which I find extremely interesting.

I really enjoy Java programming language.
I am currently working as a junior Java Developer and seeking each day to learn something new.
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Recent posts by Ioanna Katsanou

Hello Everyone,

I want to get some information from a REST Web Service and I am thinking of which is the most better way performance and architecture wise.
I am using Apache http library and am coding in Java.

The process is as follows:
Requesting a SAML assertion.(POST)
When i get the SAML assertion I input it in another POST call in order to get an access token.(POST)
I get a Json with the Access Token, an I parse it and I save it in a String
Then I make a GET call in order to validate the access token.

As soon as the access token is okay, I then have to make several GET calls (about 3-4 ) with the same access token in order to receive xmls with the information that I want which I will parse and get the information.

Whih is the best way / architecture wise in java to do all this process?
Any ideas?


1 month ago
Should I add a toString method in Employee class?
This will be hardcoded Json....
10 months ago

I created the Employee Class:

I remove the toString method from the Employee class.

and then I wrote the following code:


10 months ago
I researched a little. I understood what you mean. I will post new code in a little.
10 months ago
Could you please explain what you mean?

I am new at this..

10 months ago
I created the following class:

Is this the right way?
10 months ago
You are right. I will create a seperate Employee class.

I will post code in a few minutes.

10 months ago
Hello everyone.

So I need to make a POST call with Java to a REST Service. My code works fine, I am just writing in order to ask if there are better ways to do this, or if someone could refactor my code and make it more beautiful or with better performance.
I decided to user the Gson library, provided by Google.

I am giving an Employee Id and an email, phone, etc.
The input of the POST method should be in this format.

and the response I get is in this format:

So I wrote the following code, but I am uncomfortable with the input Json string... I mean what if i only want to send only one attribute (as following)

Then I have to do major adjustments in the code....

My code is the following. Any comments are welcome ! This is my first time to interact with REST/Json elements.

10 months ago
I java a java method, which makes a connection to a web service.
Sometimes this method takes too long to make the connection.
I want for example it it takes longer than 5 seconds, then to stop the current procedure and restart all over for 3 more times. If all times fail, then abort completely.

I have written the following until now:

The first column is considered to be the key, so only for the first,
but it should insert all columns

Is it a good idea maybe to select all the names from DB B, and store them in a SET

and then while iterating through the resultset from DB A , check if name exists in SET and if it does not exist then insert the record?
Hello everyone,

I am facing with the following issue:

I have two Databases, that have a table of the same form.

For example

Database A, Table 1

Database B, Table 2 has the same columns.
I want to run the program every 1 minute and to compare all the values of the two databases, and i something does not exist in Database B to add it.

Do you know what is the most efficient way to do this?

I though of the following:

select all values from Database A
in the  
select the value from DB B to see if the record exists.
If it exists then move on to the following record.
If it does not exist then insert the record in Database B.

My way is a little time consuming.

All ideas are welcome

Thank you,

I want to insert a row in to an Oracle DB in the following form:


and then select it as well.

Does anyone know how to achieve that?

For example: