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Recent posts by chamini prashakthi

My date-time formatter is , "yyyy-MM-DD"

I want to check the date is later than today's date or not. I checked it using this validation.

But every time this returns false when the given date is later or not. Can anyone help with this me, please?
3 years ago
In my js file I used the require command to import some libraries

I added that js file to my index file like this way,

but when I load that file it shows as Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined in the browser console. How to resolve that issue?
If i have A.js


if I want to call for function a from B.js how to import A.js to B.js?
it shows
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': The URL '' is invalid.
When I am going to create web server with host as localhost,

it works,

but When I am going to use the host as Aws ec2 instance ip address as,
it doesn't works !
I'm facing difficulty on create the connection with the host !
I want to create web socket connection with my local machine and AWS EC2 instance.How to proceed with it?
Here I use JPA object in the project.So It is based on Hibernate.Not Spring as I think. So is it Correct?
Because I don't know where I use Spring in this project !
5 years ago

I'm implemeting a small application with using JBoss Application server. To keep connection between server and the Db I use Entity manager object.
In my bean definition class i use following code for that

Then in save ,delete ,retrieve methods just use entityManager and call Entity Manager class methods.But I don't have any idea why we don't initialize this entityManager

How we achieve our behaviors without initializing?
5 years ago
I want to how to verify a method of a non-mock object is called?How can I do that?
5 years ago
The jboss server installation directory path must not contain with spaces.
5 years ago
I need it in this way
5 years ago
To print a string values in console I use this statement.

when it prints in the console it doesn'r looks like

Abc[780] abd
Asdbc[23] abd
Adsdbc[090] asd
Assdsddbc[23] abd
Adssdfdbc[090] abd

but I need this way.

Abc[780]    abd
Asdbc[23]    abd
Adsdbc[090]    asd
Assdsddbc[23] abd
Adssdfdbc[090] abd

How can I format my output ?
5 years ago
I use guava cache in my appliation which was written in a hibernate platform. The problem is my cache doesn't work well when loading the data. It doesn't update quickly when I delete or add a new data.

and this is the way I load data to the server side,

Also I don't use the cache in data saving or deletion. Can some one explain me what is the reson for this issue? Is it a problem of guava cache?

5 years ago

Prasad Saya wrote:Since a custom renderer is used to render the cells one has to use javax.swing.table.TableRowSorter and then set a custom java.util.Comparator for sorting. Here is the Oracle's Swing tutorial for that:

Hey ,
I found the problem of here.In my method I declared column value as the row value (fixValue). So then method in my rendering class gets object value as that fixValue and then get some strings and set that value in the column and the tool tip too.

So I can't sort that column according to the string value here.Because it returns all the row value. So whta Can I do here is set the relevant string in the (column no 3) and then pass that string to renderer class.then just set tool tip only.No need of set text here.Because I set value in model class

Just these 3 lines. Simple !!!  

5 years ago