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neerav arora

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Recent posts by neerav arora

Hi all ,

iam working on an app where the association between entities is as follows . Here comment is the owner and iteration and user are the inverse tables . The requirement is -
A user can have many comments similarly a comment can be given by multiple users .
Also an iteration can have multiple comments and a single comment can belong to multiple iterations .

The code is as follows

Now the issue that iam facing is the mapping tables are empty .
Also user.getComment() yields empty set

Before i start my web app my db entity tables prepopulated with dummy values . But during run time when i debug the code user.getcomment returns empty set .

Could anyone please help me out what could be the issue .

Could anyone please help me in Question number 20 at the following link webpage .  How can there be more than two A's,B's,C's in the output ?