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Recent posts by Sri Ram


I need to know which DB2 client version my Websphere 5.1 )application server would use for connecting to db2 udb 8.1 ? My J2ee app is using a data source I created and for creating the datasource .. I had to keep the db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar files.. now I still don't know which version of Db2 client WAS would use? how to find that info on the adminsole or on the physical box where WAS is installed?

please shed somelight .. Thanks in advance

16 years ago
Doesn't sound like a good thing to do....

Sri Ram
[ January 26, 2007: Message edited by: Sri Ram ]

I am getting confused with Ration XDE... I want to use it for class diagram but the concern I have is , which one should I use UML (Class, Interface ) or Java ( Class, Interface)

Please shed some light.

Sri Ram

I am going thru the Petstore application and just got a quick question related to businessDelegate pattern used in that ....

I see OrderEJBAction as an BusinessDelegate, is that correct? Is there any other way BusinessDelegate got implemented in Petstore?

Please advise

Sri Ram
Can I use Rational XDE ? please advise.

Sri Ram
Hello Durgaprasad,

Thank you so much ...let me work on that now.

Sri Ram
Hello Drgaprasad, I am getting the following error when I try to use the application ... petstore1.3.1_02. Please let me know if you had faced this issue. Thanks in advance.

Hello, Where can I download the older version of SUN's Pet Store sample application .. I could find a latest version of that ....but I am looking for the older version....j2ee 1.3 based example. Please advise.

Sri Ram
Any one can take SCEA ... no need for SCJP. Thanks. Sri Ram.

I have deployed a BPEL process in Webspehre Business Server Foundation 5.1 and it works fine...if I invoke it again and runs fine until 99998 times and If I invoke it 99999th time I am not getting any error but PC is not doing anything.... is there any limitation which prevents me to go beyond 99998.... please advise.

I have to invoke the business processs 250000 times a day but I could 't cross 99998.... I don't get any outofmemory error or any other error ... JVM is running fine ... I am able to invoke servlets and jsp's in the same JVM ...

Sri Ram

Your help is highly appreciated!
17 years ago

I have a s9(9)v99 field which I need to convert into java ....i.e

value in a flat file Value required in Java
0000030434A ==> 3043.41 +
0000027381F ==> 2738.16 +
0000456192G ==> 45619.27 -
Please let me know how to do this conversion. Your help is highly appreciated!

Sri Ram
17 years ago

I have a web application in which I have a properties file under WEB-INF/classes folder

I am able to access this properties file from a Servlet using servletContext.getResourceAsStream but I also need access to this properties file from a Java Client .. this Java Client is triggered by Quartz .. any idea?

Your help is highly apprecited!
17 years ago

It might be simple but I couldn't figure it out ..

I have a jsp in which I have the following code

<html:select property="svenv">
<html ption value="0">(any)</html ption>
<c:forEach var='se' items='${sessionScope.UserInfo.svenv}'>
<html ption value="<c ut value='${se}'/>"><c ut value='${se}'/></html ption>

if I invoke the jsp and see the source code

select name="svenv"><option value="0">(any)</option>

<option value="<c ut value='${se}'/>">Save</option>

<option value="<c ut value='${se}'/>">Print</option></select>

Is there anything wrong in giving

<html ption value="<c ut value='${se}'/>"> ?

My problem is value attribute does not have Save or Print . I don't know what I am missing ..please shed some light
17 years ago

Does anyone know which version of Websphere Business Integration Server which supports distributed MQ? which can help me access MQ outside an J2EE container(from standalone java application)

Your help is highly appreciated


18 years ago