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Hi everybody

I've just joined a big company specialized in financial services. Most of the applications here are made in Java with Spring. We have more than 200 developers and we rely so much on dependency injection, abstraction, and unit tests and we have strict performance requirements.
Since I started programming 16 years ago I've always preferred premium tools to free ones. There is nothing against them, they are highly customizable and you can find a tool to do everything a programmer can dream of. The problem is, they are rarely polished and stable. To make things worse, I rarely see bloggers talking about tools other than free and/or open-source ones.
My company has infinite resources and they don't mind spending any software that would increase our productivity or can help us analyzing our code dynamically and statically.
The first applications that we purchased and had a huge impact on our day to day tasks were IntelliJ, JRebel, and Chronon.
What other premium tools do you use?
I'm especially looking for ones that would aid me in live analysis of Spring logs, and in investigating the loaded classes, configuration summary, injected dependencies, etc... within a running Spring application using an intuitive interface, not just a bunch of JSON objects.

Thank you!
2 years ago
I'm a software engineer with 15 years of experience in web development, database development and engineering, and many other things including x86 assembly language. I have been working outside the US for the past 2 years in various web development positions focusing mainly on Google App Engine-hosted web services. I've been pretty satisfied with my current job but it's nowhere close to what the US offers.
Out of nowhere, I received an invitation from cloud hosting company for attending a hiring event here in my city, with the final objective of relocating me to Seattle if I pass the interview.
Well I should say that this invitation is better than anything I have dreamed of, and I really want to get this job. I have two questions I really wish that you can help me with:
1- Does receiving an invitation mean anything? I mean do they have any preference for me or was it just an automated message sent to everybody? Keeping in mind that my current job (outside the US) I had it through a similar invitation. I wasn't even looking for a job. I was simply offered double my current income and I passed a very simple interview easily.
2- I know that the time is short, and that I have enough experience, but please please please try to give me some constructive advice here: what do I need to study and practice within the next months to increase my chances for passing the interview? I'm a very hard worker and I can easily read, apply, and fully understand multiple 1000 pages books within 3 months. thank you
3 years ago