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Hi chamini,

As i understand your problem , you have login page with username and password. Once you submit this form , it will go to first servlet after validating, if logged user is valid you are redirecting to home.jsp.

So when you are sending data to servlet(where you are validating whether it is valid user or not), in servlet you can set user in servlet after redirecting to home.jsp , you can get directly from session(implicit object in jsp) in


I hope you are clear!!

Lorenzo martinez,

Here are some good collection for java

1) Head and First(Core java as well as for servlet, JSP)
2) OCJP by Kaithi Sierra
3) The complete Reference
4) Effective java by Joshua Bloch
5) clean code by Robert C. Martin
4 years ago
Hi Saad,

In OOP, A big problem is broken into the small one. If we use all in main methods. What will be a use of OOP. We need break into the small one for modularity programming.
4 years ago