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Recent posts by Mila Donkova

I know that complete set of pet store UML diagrams exists in *.zargo or *.argo format but I cannot find it anywhere.
If someone have them could you please send them to me I want to verify my Part 2 design.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Max,
Don't worry I read that you are able to re-submit your design after improving it. Did you use Session Facade and Business Delegate? I believe these patterns are absolutely necessary.
I almost finished my project too and I am afraid to upload it because of some bad feeling. Maybe I'll join you in a month.
Hi Alex,
I don't think SCEA certification loses its prestige.
I am ashamed to say I am doing my project more than 6 months already but I am getting new knowledges every day and it makes me happy. When I started the project I thougth it would take not more than 2-3 weeks to finish it.
All this time I followed this forum discussions. I really enjoyed your and Gennady Shapiro threads and found that you are very smart and competent individual. I think your OOAD knowledge and experience deserve the highest mark as well as your writing and polemic skills. Starting your
own business is very doubtful thing. Wasting time waiting while someone entrust you really great project is difficult for you too.
Do what you really like!
I would suggest to become some of the guys who writes the books for us like Mr. Fowler, Mr. Ambler, or Mr. Cade.
I feel you could succeed on this field.