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Creately UML tool is one of the best I know as it is up to date. The latest UML version consist of 14 major diagram types. The latest version is 2.5.1. And there are many examples and templates in the diagram community as well.

Disclaimer: I use creately for projects
For future reference use the import feature. Word does not support use case diagrams out of the box. Creating in word is hard. MS tool to create use case is Viso, which is expensive and not a really good idea if you are only looking to draw use case diagrams. My suggestion is to use Dia, a free open source solution that works on all major platforms. Use this diagram community to find use case templates drawn by professionals.
For future readers of this thread:

You can get a very solid idea about sequence diagramming with this comprehensive guide

talu singh wrote:When drawing a sequence diagram for a use case (for scea 5), do you need to display actor also?

Reading document at makes me think it is a good idea to include it.
But does any one know if Boundary, control and entity elements also needs to be included in sequence diagram.


You can find this complete sequence diagram tutorial to clarify what you've mentioned above.