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Recent posts by Monty Ireland

the answer is, it depends.
if you are doing a strait extract, export will be much faster.
if you need to extract data population A and update data population B
at the same time. then you have to code and application.
pgm begin
select ...
update ...
pgm end
Try to use JDBC 2.0 with addBatch() / executeBatch() if possible.
Hope this helps
Do you have a StringTokenizer code example using a ',' deliminated flat file.
21 years ago
hello all,
i'm a database developer and dba that works on multi platforms.
i am looking from a linux distribution that works with db2 oracle cloudscape mysql ...
1. i looking for a linux vendor?
2. a good book ... i'm looking for content not volumne
3. a good reference book
4. which gui's to install
5. which dev tools to install
i building a new maching next week maybe a 2 or 4 by processor if i can afford it.
any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
21 years ago
There may be another way to solve your problem.
If you are using a UDB version of DB2.
You can use Client Confifurations Assitant (cca)
to help you.
I can help ... if you are using a UDB version of DB2.
I need to know few things first:
1. OS of client
2. OS of database server
3. version of java on client, web server, and/or database server
4. need to know how many machines.
FYI, if you are using a UDB version of DB2. Connectivity should take about 15 minutes to setup and run from scratch
!@# usiing CCA odbc and/or CLI 1st for about an hour will help you define IP address and/or db alias names
[ December 27, 2002: Message edited by: Monty Ireland ]
FYI is for java standard 1.1 is for the java standard 1.2
So we can help you better.
Please include the following.
1. operations system
2. version of java
3. web browser
4. classpath
5. path
6. java code
7. the name of the book you are using

21 years ago
I made a big mistake by deleteing java from portions of the windows registry.
Now I need to fool windows and run one of three JRE versions.
How can I do this?
Any on-line documentations would be greatly appreciated.
21 years ago
public static void main()
or combinations of the above are a requirement for the sun certifcation programmers exam.
depending on what you ar doing. other access modifiers will work. my i recommend an hour or so of reading about access modifiers.
after you have spend on hour reading...
please come on back...
we are all here to help on and other
21 years ago
i agree...
one character off and java goes boom!
21 years ago
Sorry for the delay.
FYI, I know nothing about WEBSPHERE.
The DB2 driver you are using should be using DB2 CLI when connecting to DB2 on and OS390.
The default CLI setting for DBCS are turnd off.
Because most people do not need DBCS.
I have never used these CLI settings before.
Here is what I think you need to do:
1. open db2 cca
2. highlight the db2 alias you want to change
3. select properities ans settings
4. select the data type tab
5. select graphics
6. select both check box's
You may need to re-bind... i am not sure...
It will not hurt.
That's it...
Let me know how your testing goes.
For all others...
DB2 CCA is a vendor provider database alias configuration tool used by ODBC & DB2 CLI.
DB2 data conversion happens at both the client and server levels.
machine a sends data (sql query) to machine b
- data conversion (ascii to ebcdic) happens at machine b
machine b sends data (answer set) to machine a
- data conversion (ebcdic to ascii) happens at machine a
DBCS translations happen at machine a before it gets to the java code.
Let me know if this is not so!
And I will dig deaper in the IBM documentation.
Hope this helps.
21 years ago
better lat than never...
i agree....
21 years ago
If you are using websphere to connect to db2.
The data conversion should be done for you by db2 connect and/or the jdbc driver. Before it gets to java. If the data conversion is not happening. Please check your db2 cli configuration. This is a very simple change. 5 to 10 minutes tops.
I will be watching football this after-noon.
If you are still having problems on monday.
I will send you the changes you need to make.
Fyi, please use db2 cca to make these changes.
Data configuration happens on both the os390 and your solaris client.
You have come to the right plase for i am a db2 developer, dba, specializing in application and engine configuration and tuning on NT, UNIX, and MVS platforms.
[ November 24, 2002: Message edited by: Monty Ireland ]
21 years ago
sorry i did not get back to you last night.
for i had to deal with the kids.
i know the problems you are having.
I know exactly how you feel.
please send the following information.
1. version of java - c:\java -version
2. copy and paste you autoexec.bat file
3. from a dos prompt get you PATH and CLASSPATH
please send me the above...
and we shall fix your problem over the weekend
21 years ago
A general rule of thumb.
A child can always reference a variable or method
of it's parent or grand-parent. Scope of variable or method not being considered at this time.
A parent can NOT reference a child's variables or methods. Casting of data types is not being considered at this time.
This is a beginners form.
We are all here to help and learn.
21 years ago
I am presently tuning the following env.
java 1.2.1
jdbc 2.0
db2 7.2
I am trying to make my complex SQL run faster.
Possible in parallel within the DB2 engine.
Any idea's as to how I might?
1. configure JDBC
2. configure DB2 CLI
3. configure DB2 engine
I would greatly appreciate any and all wisdom.
21 years ago