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Recent posts by Nilesh Garje

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:What book or website is that question from?

hi Jeanne,
   I read  question  wrongly "Which creates a disconnected RowSet object?" but actual question is "Which creates a connected RowSet object?".

Thanks ! for replay

page number-940
Question Number-11
Which creates a connected RowSet object?
A. WebRowSet wrs = RowSetProvider.newFactory().createWebRowSet();
B. CachedRowSet crs = RowSetProvider.newFactory().createCachedRowSet();
C. try(JdbcRowSet jrs = RowSetProvider.newFactory().createJdbcRowSet()) {
// assume the rest of the try-catch is valid
D. try(RowSetFactory rsf = RowSetProvider.newFactory()) {
RowSet rws = rsf.createRowSet();
// assume the rest of the try-catch is valid
E. JoinRowSet jrs = RowSetProvider.newFactory().createJoinRowSet();
F. ResultSet rs = Statement.execute("SELECT * FROM Customer");
JdbcRowSet jrs = RowSetProvider.newFactory().setResultSet(rs);
Ans :
☑ C is the correct answer. This code fragment is creating an instance of a JdbcRowSet
object—the only RowSet that is a connected RowSet object. This is the proper way to use the
RowSetProvider static newFactory() method or obtain a RowSetFactory instance that is
then used to create a JdbcRowSet instance.
☐✗ A, B, and E are incorrect. These are disconnected RowSet objects, although the syntax
to acquire these objects is correct. D is incorrect and will not compile. The reason is that
RowSetFactory does not extend AutoCloseable; thus, the compiler will complain about the
use of RowSetFactory in a try-with-resources. F is incorrect because this is not the proper way
to initialize a RowSet object. The factory method is used to create an instance, and the instance
must be used to execute a query and populate the RowSet with results.
Why A,B,E are incorrect?How they are Disconnected RowSet Object?
Why program print Invalid Mobile Number?

João Victor Gomes wrote:Congratulations

This month I'll take this exam. I hope I can pass too

Thanks.You can do it.
3 years ago
Hello to Ranchers & welcome to the aspirants of 1Z0-808,

I just passed my OCAJP SE 8 with 75%. Not a great score but I am happy with it. Been familiar to java it wasn't much tough for me to bring it under belt.  Thank you all Ranchers and Leaders to discuss & solve doubts over here. Since this was my maiden certification experience, I would share my pathway here.

Resources :

1) Mala Gupta Written :
"OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Certification Guide" is a great book to prepare for this exam. This book brings concepts clean and to the ground for beginners. Covers Exception Handling more elaborately. I liked classic front cover  posters of all Mala Gupta books.

2) K&B Written :
"OCA/OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide" is another amazing book covers both OCA and OCP exams. precisely lists out the exam objectives & their sequence and fun way of injecting the things is beyond perfect.

3) Enthuware :
Many thanks to the developers of Enthuware, its a worth product. Also I would thank myself for being part of this forum where I came to know about Enthuware. Nobody would like to appear on real exam without going through mock tests & when it comes Enthuware, it brings even more on the table. Being well known to all it actually toughens up the things and makes you short on time. At the beginning I was cared about the "real exam's unindented code snippet pattern"(somebody told me about that) which made me think about Enthuware should contain that feature to make the code snippet unindented. Thankfully it was not the case with real exam.
I would highly recommend it to one.

My Enthuware Scores (on first attempt) :
Foundation test - 72%
Test 1 - 53%
Test 2 - 70%
Test 3 - 61 %
Test 4 - 72%
Test 5 - 66%
Test 6 - 76 %
Test 7-61%
Last Day Test - 74 %
3 years ago