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Recent posts by Avi Levak

Thanks Guys!

I Appreciate your time.
I'll take all under consideration.

yeah I know about the Zebra , it didn't make much scene to me also but I thought maybe there is an importance to the dev lang in terms of files to disregard etc. by the source control software.

So, to sum up for now..GIT is the way to go

Before I make the final decision - are there other opinions?
is there someone who actually worked TFS and GIT and compare his/hers real live experience ?

Thanks in advance

We are a small company as of now. 3 developers working on java ,android,web and some minor gui project, and maybe some .net.
The main business is java modules, and android code.
I started refactoring and managing the source control of the company this week. I need to decide if I should change our Infrastructure or leave it alone for now.
for now we are using GIT, Bitbucket for repository, and sourcetree for client view.

I read some articles and information and GIT isnt even considered a Java source Control , they mention other options as Mercurial,CVS,SVN and more.
I should note I worked with TFS and gotten used to high standards of version control.I think they also offer up to 5 members free version but would love some feedback on that.
And I assume all agree if its possible to use is the best but would love to get feedback on that.

on top of that I need to find a repository like github,bitbucket or something better.
and the source tree is another software we currently use. is it any good?


I'm using jetBrains IntelliJ IDEA because of obvious reasons .. so the solution should match this IDE, which I understand is the best for new developer and basically kicks ass in refactoring.

Thanks so much in advance!