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Recent posts by smitha mukherjee

Thank you for your reply.
4 years ago
My server is using charset ISO-8559-1; œŸŒ   these 3 chars are not supported by this charset. so if I input these 3 char on html form; on server-side I get empty string "" ; if I try .getBytes(); then it shows me 3 values -100-97-116. On JSP if I print string it shows me same value. I am lost and not able to figure out that if in action class value is empty (and getBytes show negative values for these char); then what magic is done by browser to show it back?
4 years ago
I am planning to prepare for Part 1. Ideally I should compete with myself and prepare on regular basis, but stuck in daily routine. Anyone else planning for same and open to join online [setting daily targets for progress].

Sorry for non technical thread in such a forum.

I am reading SCEA book by Mark Cade/Humphery Shell and in chapter 1. I am finding it difficult to understand "Distribution".

Not able to understand following;

Page 15.

Distribution is among computational resources and Distribution is a primary technique for building scalable systems.

More often than not, if you decompose by layering (layer / tiers), you will not decompose by distribution and vice versa.


I have read layer / tiers and in practice have observed my seniors practicing this and still QoS is achieved.
As per book, if you decompose by layering (layer / tiers), you will not decompose by distribution; and other statement is, Distribution is a primary technique for building scalable systems (sociability is part of QoS).

What I meant, first I failed to understand Distribution; and if I design something following layering (layer / tiers) still I would be taking care if QoS (scalable systems); if I follow layering then Distribution (technique for building scalable systems) is not need to follow (as either Distribution and Layering (layer / tiers) can be used for decomposition)?



I need to Cache records while saving to database. In current application Hibernate 3 is used.

1. Is it possible to Cache only few Columns of Entity, instead of all columns; reason is few columns are blobs and not needed in cache.
2. Is it possible to set expiration of Entity after few days, I meant, if need to set expiration after 3 days, record can be auto removed from cache?

I have started looking into cache process (tutorials) but not sure if above 2 needs can be fulfilled.

I would highly appreciate if someone can share if above are possible, then I would continue to explore on this process.

7 years ago