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Recent posts by Gary Rather

I would say that when you are sending hundreds of requests/per second to the
web server. What are you trying to accomplish.

Is this a test? If it is what type of load do you really expect?
This is a huge load.

I would guess this is a test sending the request bu not really waiting or reading the response.
17 years ago
Beware of JK2 no longer supported by the Apache group

If you are going to production and have a choice. Do so with open eyes
17 years ago
One of our big issues is monitoring what is going on with our servers.
We have lots of instances of our application running.

One of the common customer complaints.Our application is running slow.

We have some capability within our application.

Any comments on how to do server monitoring, specifically perfomance monitoring and resource usuage on Tomcat 5.
17 years ago
I have a web application needs to handle
different charset encoding.
When I run using tomcat , tomcat seems to know how
to figure out what encoding was used on the request.
BEA weblogic seems to fail. tried to set the encoding in weblogic.xml.
But that didn't fix it either.
How do I get weblogic to figure the correct encoding for the request.
19 years ago
What would be needed for me to look for in a book.
The same info that can be found in the tomcat docs , but a bit of spoon feeding to me.
When I first started using JSERV , then Tomcat many moons ago the most confusing is the first time geting it up and running.
As a beginner with the server I would love to have
a set up given to me to get my servlet running.
Just take me through the steps, deployment directory structure.
where do I put my HelloWorld.class
What do I set to get it to work in a standalone tomcat
How do I get it to work with apache.
Then as I get my app running need more intimate knowledge memory usuage setting, what and how do I know what my app or apps is using, what to set .
All this available in the Tomcat docs for sure but it is hard to find. If the book had a good index and examples it is well worth the money
19 years ago
You didn't say much in way of problem
30k requests , each request for a servlet is a new thread.
Are all 30k request at once, 30k per day what.
Tomcat does not seem to have as much overhead as
weblogic, or other wepapp servers but what is the request asking the server to do.
19 years ago
In development of our web application there is an
application log file that is created.
In the beginning we put it in
WEB-INF/logs since this was relative to our webapp top directory.
it was easy to find . On weblogic this did not work too well.
When we deployed the directory structure was not expanded.
When we deploy as an expanded it gets copied into the .wl_do_notDelete_blah blah blah directory.
So the question is in the BEA weblogic world where is a standard place to put our logs. Is there a general well know place on a Unix box.
Maybe /var/logs maybe someplace else.
What are other people doing with their own log files.
Thanks in advance
19 years ago
I read this in one of the post.
To connect to the database I need to have a user/passowrd.
At the moment I have a properties file with username/passowrd as entries.
So what the question is I should encrypt the username/password for sure.
Now I get overwhelmed in my options.
What is the best way to encrypt/decrypt these.
I need a simple encryption so when we create the properties file I have the ecrypted value.
Then in the code need to do the decryption.
Is there a example of this in the book. Seems like a common problem.
19 years ago