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Recent posts by Mani Venkatesan

Originally posted by Rajesh Patel:
18 members and 6 records ..not bad at all !! Can I ask everyone to update the database also at following link..


great work Rajesh!
This is a good start!

Also, if anyone has PHP & mySQL knowledge and wants to build out an app for this, I can give webspace for it...PM me if anyone is interested.
17 years ago
I was thinking more of an anonymous way of collecting info. I am sure nobody wants to reveal their own salaries and company.
17 years ago
Over the past few weeks, I noticed that there are a number of queries about indian software companies/salaries.

Why don't we have a place for gathering this information and allow users to query this information? At present, there are too many repeat posts and the information is not organized too.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:

This is false. As I have looked for candidates, talked to hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates lately I universally hear of rapidly rising demand for software developers.


I know quite a few people (and they are not down-and-out folks) who had to and are still spending time on the bench...and this is in the boston/nyc area. Maybe I should tell them to get in touch with you - are you hiring?
17 years ago
Sapient used to be the best salary wise in the Java/J2EE space back when I was in working in Delhi (2 years ago)
17 years ago

Originally posted by Vijay Chouhan:

So everyone (or most of the people) working on H1 fakes his/her resume and works for a meagre salary?

You do not have to fake your resume but it will be harder for you to land a job. As for salaries, in general, fresh off the boat H1Bs do get lesser money. However, within an year or so, you can jump up the value ladder provided you have the "goods".
17 years ago
The Java/J2EE market in the USA is saturated. There are jobs out there (a lot of them) but there are a lot of available folks too (H1B as well as as non-H1B).

So, there is little chance for a 2yrs experience person to get a job unless the rates are ridiculously low.

In short, if you do come here, be prepared for a lot of hardship and frustration.
17 years ago
actually, might be a nice concept for a website....
All you would need is for people to enter (anonymously) location, experience, primary skill and approx income.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Mani Venkatesan:
From what I see on this thread, the salaries seem outrageous! And I have worked for some pretty good companies: TCS, Hughes Software, BEA

I have been out of touch with the market for a couple of years, but 10L for a 2yo seems way too much!

17 years ago
Anyone heard of
17 years ago
I have been toying with the idea of creating a personal website for some time. Does anyone here have recommendations for a good hosting provider (preferably first hand experience)?

You can also write back with negatives I will cross them off the list...

I am looking for the following:
- ~5GB of space
- 500 GB data xfer per month
- blog enabled
- FTP access
- ability to password protect sections of the site.
- free domain would be nice

[ July 06, 2006: Message edited by: Mani Venkatesan ]
17 years ago

3) Paraguay of course.

Why of course?
17 years ago
Agreed that the idont campaign seems a bit childish but the Sansa e200 series does have more features for less money than the ipod nano. And while the looks may not be as slick as the Nano - it certainly is no mug in user interface.

And for the poster with 14 GB more space, is that a flash disk based player? I use mine a lot while exercising and feel comfortable knowing that there is no hard disk to conk out.
17 years ago
I bought the alternative...
17 years ago
I am always losing pens - so never had the chance to have a favourite
18 years ago