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Michael Schwarzer-Haverbier

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since May 08, 2017
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Recent posts by Michael Schwarzer-Haverbier

As I do not install the database on my own, I need to know what rights the DB user, which will be used to connect jForum to the DB, has to have.

In my case I will get access to a schema in an Oracle database. So i need the information which user rights my Oracle user needs.
The only info I get from the installation guide is 'you must have [...] Oracle [...] installed and properly configured' which does not help me much.
2 years ago
Hi Forum,

I want to install jforum on an own server. But I can't find any documentation regarding the hardware and software requirements.

Can someone tell me about the software part here?
Can I install jforum 2.1.9 with Java8, Apache Tomact 8.5.14 and Oracle 11g?

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago