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Hi, I'm Dr. Noorul Hameed, currently works at Changhuat Plastic Industries (Senai) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia since January 2018.
My interests include programming, research in embedded systems, and web.
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Welcome Hanumant Deshmukh!
Have a nice day!


Node.js is running into Chrome API, which is Object-based system in approach. In contrast, Java EE servers and applications deploy OO services as well.

How does Node.js approach in various perspectives between object-oriented and object-based?

Thank you

Dear  Slobodan Stojanovic and Aleksandar Simovic,

As described, Payment Card Industry Standard (PCI) standards are implemented with Node.js among AWS Lambda, Microsoft's Azure, Google Cloud Foundation, and IBM Open Whisk.
AWS Lambda included aws-serverless-express in Node.js module. It created with HTTP services.

I ask general question about express.js module.

Does aws-serverless-express in Node.js module create OS service internally or works as serverless routines only?

Thank you

Dear Slobodan Stojanovic and Aleksandar Simovic,

Node.js used Claudia API Gateways between a browser request and AWS Lambda functions. It also discussed various services and routines to route event handlers.

In asynchronous form, it works as like AJAX XMLHttpRequest service used in JavaScript.
As a note, XMLHttpRequest can also be sent/received either synchronous or asynhronous manner. Have a at code as below.

Similiarly, used to get server response as stream.
Here I want to ask, Is it working for similiar functionaly as provided by JavaScript services using XMLHttpRequest functions?

Thank you
Dear Authors,

In connection with AWS Ecosystem, DynamoDB and NoSQL are embedded as simpler databases. The following example in book shows that table automatically specified with PRIMARY key only.

Other fields are omitted too. Order table (i.e. pizza-orders) not specified with pizza, address and order status fields;  Is it auto assignments when it was runtime?

Thank You

Dear Slobodan Stojanovic and Aleksandar Simovic,

At first thing, I want to ask a question regarding the book sections that included in first chapter.

As show in the Pizza API (below), there are several files grouped into package. Similiarly, a data folder is being used to store static files and data in it. Currently, it uses pizzas.json.

What else can we place into [data folder] ? Is it for database oriented storage location or  general documents?

In addition to the above, Amazon S3 buckets only allows connection for a presigned URL; images and thumbnails. The both created under folder inside S3.

I want to get more information for the use of ImageMagick in image processing. The question will be. "Why would we use convert function as always to resize in thumbnails?"

Thank you

I am very happy to be here in this week's forum with Slobodan Stojanovic and Aleksandar Simovic.
Welcome authors!

Hello Everyone,

I have passed OCP EXAM 1Z0809 with 65% at today.
Thanks for JavaRanch and members.
10 months ago

Ganesh Patekar wrote:What happened when you compiled?  Did It compile or run successfully ?

Yes. Only It compiled with all constructors as it initialized with final variable.

I just confirm here. Thanks
Hi Mr. Deskmukh,

A blank final instance variable must be definitely assigned at the end of every constructor of the class in which it is declared, or a compile-time error occurs (§8.8,§16.9).

Is this rule to assign in all constructors of a class, lets consider in case for e.g. 3 constructors defined?


Campbell Ritchie wrote:Maybe it wasn'/quote]

Yes. Its true. It is also used for signed integer number notations like short, int, and long.

Encryption and decryption also applied it.

Noorul Hameed wrote:

Yeah, typo error, it can be byte temp=22 only

Hi Mr. Deskmukh

In Switch statement, the expression implicitly required to cast. This also applies to the constant expressions in the case statements that follows the switch:

Error occurred in the line "case 127+1"

Note: The other types are float, long and double are not valid as described in Java Specification.

My question is about, "Does it mean the switch expression and case expression must be similiar type? "

Thank you

Hi Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh ,

Note: ZonedDateTime not included for OCA Exam. I just mention to compare with LocalDateTime.

I found there is a difference in working with ZonedDateTime and LocalDateTime.

LocalDateTime doesn't support DateTimeFormatter.ISO_OFFSET_DATE_TIME, but ZonedLocalDateTime does.

Here is the code:

Output is produced as follows:

What does it mean the 'OffsetSeconds' in error section?

Thank you