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Recent posts by manoj pillai

Received the score sheet yesterday. 68% .. Well a pass is a pass is a pass I guess!
I passed too!!! Cant wait to see the score!
The results are just one week away! Got a mail today from prometric stating the results will be publised on 22nd April at the I7 database. Thats new btw.. I dont remember getting any offical notifications for the earlier betas.
I would image this would cover stuff outside Java language as well - OS basics, Web technologies and protocols, XML, Configuration management, team skills etc - basically stuff you ask entry level candidates when you interview them.
19 years ago
Yep. Try the xerces from ws.ext dirs. In WSAD you could do it by setting project properties->Java Build Path -> Libraries tab -> Add Variable -> XERCES and XERCESJAR

> a.ear WAR classloader policy: APPLICATION
> b.war Classloader mode : PARENT_LAST

what I meant is setting WAR classloader mode with Application classloader policy will not have any effect as the WAR module will be using the Application Classloader and its classloader mode.
[ February 14, 2005: Message edited by: manoj pillai ]
19 years ago
Try removing the xerces jars from your WAR and use the ones from WAS lib instead. I have run into similar issues in the past with WAS and xerces. One little thing - Setting WAR classloader policy with Application visibility doesnt seem to make sense as there is no WAR specific class loader in this case - EAR class loader policy would be applied for all module within the application.
19 years ago
Jacquie, I think If one has to continue on tech path without making sacrifics on the compensation front, he will need to excel in what he does - play a guru kind of role in other words. I mean one could be an analyst programmer for 20 years and get paid one fouth (or even less) of a person with same years of experience who made the management switch. And being just smart good coder will not make you a guru - that is not simply not enough. You need to do stuff, sometimes outside your regular work - stuff like publishing white papers, writing books, developing some good (popular) open source or maybe launching a startup and even more.. I dont know. I think achieveing any of these would take meticulous planning and proper goal setting. Does your book provide advice on stuff like this and help tech guys turn themselves into gurus?
19 years ago
2. Thanks for clearing that up Mikalai, you are right - there is no separate impl for generic and raw type. But if you notice the error message, compiler has correctly identified the "raw type" java.util.List but then it makes up the mind and decides to throw a generic related error message. So you cant use non generic collection objects anymore without getting these nasty warning messages I suppose. Price for the "guaranteed" type safety I presume
1. As per Generics tutorial at , Page # 15, Section 7.3 - Arrays, the folowing code is legal but would generate unchecked warning.

But I get incompatibles types error when I try it! I wonder what the deal is?!

2. The following code is not using any generic stuff, but the warning I get while compiling the same is Generic related.

Does this mean sun has Generified/changed impl of even the raw(legacy?!) Collection classes as well?
Because you have a "return" statement within the catch block. Take that out and you will get the missing 4 at the end.
Try this:

2. AUTH PLAIN {Base64 encoding of "\000" + user + "\000" + password}
19 years ago
The highlighted use of 3 of the most important enhancements in j2se 5.0 are related to the collections fwk - generics, enhanced for loop and auto boxing. Moreover beta exam objective #6.3 do talk about understading the difference between generic vs non generic version of the collections objects. There are a few new additions in the fwk like Queue n stuff. As per objective #6.1, you need to know when to use which and that should cover the new ones as well. So I guess this means collections in 1.4 wouldnt be sufficient for passing the beta.

Pl see for details on 5.0 collections.
You might wanna checkout Dr.Yuan's blog entry on running J2ME on Windows mobile based Pocket PCs at

or here is the URL from his blog:
19 years ago
I have run into similar problems in the past wherein the download stops in the middle with some weird error (cant remember the exact error message). It went away when I replaced the relative URL with an absolute one. You might wanna try that too.
19 years ago