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Recent posts by Dumidu Udayanga

My java-script works and all but the only problem is when the first and last name is correct it automatically ignores all the other form element and submits the form. But if the name elements are incorrect it validates the whole form. How do I get it to continue validating if first and last name is correct?



It is not working when I click on link in mobile.

I am trying to make navbar elements appear on same line. I tried overriding .nav class display to inline:block. but it is not working at all. Please help me fix this problem



.nav {
   display: inline-block;

I want save an object multiple times, the code below can not work:

Then I change the source to:

But it also can not work, It only save the object one time to database.
Maybe because it point to one instance, but I want to know if there is an easy way to save an object multiple times?
Thank you!
5 years ago
Hi i saw this question online and i was trying to solve it but i just could not understand how the answered was determined.

The answer is 1 which i have no idea how or why is it 1. Wonder if anyone is kind enough to explain why is the answer 1. Thanks.
5 years ago

There are multiple classes are implementing interfaces, and then in a third class where we have autowired list, now I have made another class and extend it from the interface but its beans don't get registered
5 years ago

Below is the function, which I am stuck on. I know I need to set it up in a way, which I can call dfs() again. As it is, it finds some of the connected edges when I increment v also, but it misses edge 3,1 and 4,0 which are edges with initial node having a higher index than the one it is mapped to. void dfs(int v){

5 years ago