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Pete Letkeman

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Recent posts by Pete Letkeman

Looks like we are going to need a bit more information in order to proceed such as:
  • Do you have a question about the code posted?
  • Does it compile?
  • Dose it run?
  • Does it run as expected?
  • What do you think the code should do?
  • Do you get any error messages? If so please provide them.
  • What Android version are you targeting (Lollipop, Marshmallow, Oreo, Pie, etc)?
  • What plat form are you targeting (phone, tablet, wareable)?
  • 5 days ago
    First I would make sure that everything posted runs as expected.
    Next I would make sure that the unit tests are there, and if not then I'd add them.

    Now  that you have a copy of the project and all of the required unit test fire as expected you should try to see what is missing.
    For instance, is there a method which draws a card? If not you could add one.
    However if there is one, how does it do it? Does it use AWT, JavaFX, Swing, ASCII, etc?
    Ideally the project should support a render card interface and there should be more then one implementation of it.

    You can add what ever classes you want, but note that your code will be inspected and people may have questions/comments about your changes.
    There may be a changelog and a backlog, but then again those may not be there yet.

    Another thing you could do it go over the code to see if it make sense to you.
    If you have any questions regarding the code start a thread in the Corral and hopefully some people will join in and discuss them.
    5 days ago
    Congratulations, here is a cow you have earned it.

    When you get a few moments please add yourself to the OCA Wall Of Fame
    By the way, what were you Enthuware scores?

    If your next challenge is the OCP exam then you may want to look at some of the sotries posted on the OCP Wall of Game
    This could save you frustration, time and money.
    I'm glad to see hat I'm not alone with my views on this matter.

    Campbell Ritchie wrote:I presume you are allowed to touch a laptop with a touch‑screen?

    Yes Campbell, a touch interface would be allowed however I suspect that many of us use non touch interfaces most of the time unless you are talking about smart phones and tablets.
    1 week ago
    Do you touch your screen/monitor, the glass part? Maybe with your finger when pointing something out? I'm not talking about smart phones or tablets add that is expected. Some people do, but I do not. It almost drives me crazy.
    Displays can be wrecked due to this. Maybe the screen isscratched or just gets dirty. A decent display can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars or more.
    There is a reason for line and column numbers, and your can use that when talking about code.

    Maybe I'm alone with this view this is just one of my personality traits?
    2 weeks ago
    Congratulations, don't take this test again. I'm not even too sure if your would be allowed to, because you passed.
    I do suggest that you take your time, go over your notes, try out Enthuware and look at the stories on both and

    Have a cow for all your hard work
    2 weeks ago
    Getting any certification in and of itself can be helpful. However not everyone treats certification the same way. If you have  many certifications and no work to show for it on GitHub (or some other site) or no practical experience then you chances of finding employment are greatly reduced.

    For many, the value in achieving your OCA/OCP is in the journey. Many OCA/OCP books teach you about some of the generality accepted coding practices and how many of the standard building blocks should/could work. Learning about interfaces, abstracts, inheritance, lambdas and more is a great way to start.

    If you are looking for other things you could do to get noticed then try to get involved in an open source project, there are many to choose from.
    I'm not too sure which card game you are making, but some members of CodeRanch are also making a card game as noted here
    Personally I have not posted to the Ranch Corral for a few days, however I plan on add in a few thoughts in the next few days and maybe in the next week or so posting more code for discussion/feedback.
    2 weeks ago
    It is hard to know if something could be done is better without looking at the existing code.
    Are you able to post your code to the site? Please format it using the code tags as explained here
    2 weeks ago
    There are two different things at play here:
  • Unit Testing
  • Using JUnit

  • A general knowledge and ability to understand unit testing is a great thing to have/know. I do not think that unit testing is going away any time soon.
    Given that, a book which was published a few years ago about unit testing could should be a valuable resource.

    On the other hand a book/resource on using JUnit before version JUnit 4 may not be too helpful.
    I strongly suspect that most projects which use JUnit use either JUnit 4 or JUnit 5.
    2 weeks ago
    Aside from two or four spacing there are many other style options and opinions. Google has shared style guides with the public which can be found at
    There is a style guide file for Java for Eclipse and a style guide file for Java for IntelliJ. Other IDEs may be able to import and use either the Eclipse or IntelliJ files.
    At work they use the Google Java style guide, which does mean two spaces and not four. However I could go with a different style guide as long as it is clearly defined.

    The Google Java Style Guide may have different values for style then the official CodeRanch Style Guide
    The Google guides may have different values then Sonar or other code quality analysis tools.

    Yes, my initial thought was to use the dot editor config to help with style and it may still be able to. However I think that an style XML file may be a better way to go.
    The other point about the editor config was regarding plugins and how they may help you out.
    2 weeks ago

    Ganesh Patekar wrote:Thank you for bringing Testing forum into notice

    You are welcome.

    Ganesh Patekar wrote:for a beginner which book do you recommend for JUNIT testing?

    I do not have any recommendations regarding this.
    For those who are new to unit testing may I suggest that you look go to the book reviews forum and using the search box to search for 'testing'.
    You will be able to find many reviews on books about testing. Also if you are the testing forum and do a search for 'books' you should find a few helpful postings/threads.

    I find that it is kind of hard to qualify someone as a beginner as everyone has their own experience and knowledge base.
    2 weeks ago
    You really need to become familiar with unit testing.
    People using Test Driven Design (TDD) and Behavior Drive Design (BDD) and unit testing in general with many projects in many different programming languages and environments.
    Some projects/companies expect unit tests with every commit which cover a certain percentage of code.
    There is a posting about there found here
    2 weeks ago
    There is a lot of information to know about with regards to unit testing. JUnit is one of the more popular unit testing frameworks.
    Many books and tutorials have been created on the subject of unit testing. CodeRanch has an area regarding testing which can be found here

    Unit testing can easily be done incorrectly. However they do not need to complex/complicated.
    2 weeks ago
    Build tools can be your friend, there is brief posting regarding this here
    2 weeks ago