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Recent posts by Pete Letkeman

I would suggest that you become aware of how whichever framework/programming language handles internationalization/localization.
While the project(s) which you would be working on may not require this at the beginning, it should be something you investigate before too long.
Not only that the next project for the next company that you work for may require it.

You may want to become somewhat familiar with some of the non programming terms/processes which many programmers use regularly such as:
  • Continuous integration
  • Dependency management
  • Project management
  • Code quality
  • Code review
  • Before you know it you may get dragged into a 'sprint' which in which some team members discuss 'Jenkins' and/or 'Gradle' and/or 'Maven' issues.
    Knowing a bit about these things may prove very helpful.
    Most likely other team members will know what these terms/processes are and can/will help you out as well.

    There are a number of tools/articles/discussions regarding these processes and tools relate to found here using "Categories".
    7 hours ago
    This listing may be more inclusive and up to date
    However services may not be free.
    9 hours ago
    Lets do a recap:
  • The general idea or two for a project has been settled upon as noted
  • We looked a little at the legal end of things as seen here
  • Most likely GitHub will be used to host the code.

  • I suspect that unit testing will be part of this project.
    To that end I recently came across free online CI systems which could be used see
    Some free online CI services can connect to GitHub (and other systems).

    I know that both Eclipse and IntelliJ support EditorConfig (
    I suggest that this be used so that anyone/everyone see code the same way.
    I know that there are a few style variations for Java code including but not limited to:
  • (hidden somewhere throughout the specs)

  • What do you suggest the next step(s) are/should be?
    1 day ago
    Do you use any free online continuous integration (CI) services?
    If so why have you chosen the service you are using?

    I was planning on making, or at least attempting, an open source project or two.
    The code for the projects would be hosted GitHub.

    I came across an article listing the following (some do not work any more):
  • Travis CI – Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence
  • CircleCI  – Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Codeship – Continuous Delivery with Codeship: Fast, secure and fully customizable.
  • Snap CI – Continuous Integration that Lives and Works in the Cloud
  • - Continuous Integration
  • Appveyor – Continuous Integration and Deployment service for Windows developers
  • Found on

    I'm pretty sure that there are free online CI systems which can connect to GitHub.

    Currently I'm leaning towards using either Travis CI or CircleCI, however I'm not going to be able to test any of these out until at least a few days from now.
    1 day ago
    Congratulations, have a cow you've earned it.

    When you get a few moments please add your story to the OCA Wall Of Fame, found here

    If you next challenge is the OCP exam then you may want to read some of the stories found on the OCP Wall Of Fame,
    This could save you some time, money, frustration and aggravation as you learn how others have prepared.
    I know I'm a little late to the discussion however.
    Today I was using Waze and for whatever reason it crashed.
    However Android asked it I wanted to open the app again.
    When I did Waze asked if I wanted to continue from the last session, and I said yes and I was on my way.
    I'm using an Android 8.1 device, different versions of Android may behave differently.

    Things to keep in mind if this is for Android that is:
    1) What versions of Android are you targeting? Different versions of Android may behave differently.
    2) Waze is now maintained/owned/operated by Google and I suspect there are some fairly knowledgeable programmers working on it.
    3) Have you though about creating an Android service (
        I think that Waze creates an Android service, which allows for the app to run in the background to save the current state and to provide GPS feedback
    3 days ago
    Keeping with your example you can say "All dogs are animals".
    However you cannot say "All animals are dogs".

    You may want to do something like this if you are dealing with many different types of animals, but you want them to have some common attributes or you want to treat them all the same way.
    Another use of this is pass in the generic/super type at compile time, but then check to see what that type is are run time.
    5 days ago
    About 15 years ago this happened

    I remember I was at the office designing and printing thermal tickets for a local festival and around 4:15 pm EDT the power went out.
    After a couple of hours the boss got the generator from his home and connected the mail, DNS, database, radius and web servers.
    We were back online and if people had power they could "dial-up" with our us (we were an ISP as well) and surf the web.
    DSL was down as that required third party servers which were off site and they did not have power.

    We stayed at the office until about 4 am EDT (maybe later) making sure that everything was working.
    To pass the time we watched Old School ( about three times, on a laptop,
    pausing every now and then to get updates and to verify services were still working.
    Finally the power came back on the boss and me each went home.

    It was strange not having any light pollution in the middle of the night. The stars were easier to see.
    I'm sure that there are a lot of interesting stories for those who experienced the event.
    5 days ago
    So, I could in theory bring my own meat product if I wanted to right?
    Many people, in North America at least, consume too much meat and too little plant based food.

    Depending on the size of the company and/or the company in general this may not matter at all.
    For nearly 15 years I worked for a small company and only occasionally and infrequently did the company ever pay for meals.
    If you take this to concept to a non IT job then I suspect many people would not care.

    Not that I'm trying to convert anyone, but many athletes, even at the top Olympic levels follow plant based diets.
    Some studies also suggest that those who eat meat are more likely to become ill then those who do not.

    Would you be able to not consume any meat or dairy products for seven consecutive days?
    I made May 2018 "Meatless May", but I still had dairy and I only missed meat a few times.
    If you live near a larger metropolitan area then there are meatless alternatives (many which are healthy).
    5 days ago
    This may help with the data directory, but this may remove the existing data.
    For case insensitive look to the options file, in fairly sure there is an option to change this.
    You may want to clear out temp files and make sure that you do have enough storage space on your system.
    Have you rebooted the system in question?

    You may have to supply the configuration/options file to mysqld which you can read about at
    You may want to double check this out to see if everything mention is covered.

    I know it's rare, but what if you run "fsck" or whatever the MacOS version is to see if you have any hard drive issues?
    Are you able to run MySQLCheck to fix the system? You can read more about MySQLCheck here

    I suggest that you run mysqlcheck with the --auto-repair and --all-databases options. Depending on the database and the data in the database this could take some time to complete.
    There are many other options for mysqlcheck which you may want to look into as well.

    Paul Clapham wrote:I interpreted "The values may not be sorted" as "It is possible that the values given are not in increasing order"

    This is what was meant.

    I'm not too sure how to define 'consecutive' in this instance.
    I'm not too sure anymore add it's been a few days since I first read it and I am not able to go back to the test site as this was part of a job interview test.
    Yes, creating a REST API will likely be what you have to do.
    There are many different ways to create REST APIs.
    Once that is done you would then program your Android application to make HTTP requests.
    1 week ago