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Recent posts by Elaine Byrne

Hello Khalid

Congratulations on your huge publication. The Amazon link seems to be only for the paper version(?), but the https://www.informit.com/store/ocp-oracle-certified-professional-java-se-17-developer-9780137993642# link in your signature has options for digital (eBook). I'm glad to see a PDF version seems to be available for the latter, as I have have had issues with other formats in the past. Prices are in dollars, so without trying to check-out at this stage I'm wondering if it can be purchased from outside the US (Ireland in my case)?

I'm about to use C# for the first time (coming from a mostly-Java base) and wondering whether to install version 6.0 or 7.0 of .NET. I want to try it with Visual Studio Code (and possibly NetBeans) now, then full Visual Studio (not installed yet) in a couple of weeks (under Windows 11). Seems both 6.0 and 7.0 were released the same day last month, with the former in Long Term Support and the latter only Standard Support, but 'Recommended'(!) Any thoughts?
9 months ago
Thanks Stephan

(I'm not sure if this is what you have in mind, but when I copy a tracked file (giving it a new file and class name) to work in the same project, then commit, the history of the copied file does not appear to be associated with the new one. I think I'll shelve this quest for the moment.)
Thanks Raju

In fact, looking at that link, I now realise that even renaming a file is a big issue, which is unfortunate as I now want to rename the original file anyway, never mind about the naming and hsitory of the code I plan to modify from a copy of the original code, so I'll have to be careful about that! Also, I might want to keep modifying both parent and child files in parallel (with independent changes), and compare their performance in the same run, so I think I'll forget about trying to preserve history, and just write a note in the comments at the top of the new file about its origin.
Hi Folks

Git beginner question here: I want to make a copy of a Java file (containing a single class), modify it, test its performance in comparison to the original from another file contining the main project/program class, and then may or may not want to replace the original file with the modified one, or continue to use in parallel (both processing data, or user choosing between them via a GUI button).

Ideally, I would like the 'child' file, which would of course have a different name from the parent, to have the 'parent' history asociated with it up to the point of branching. Then if it ere to replace the parent later, I uppoe that would be a merge. I've Googled a little and am experimenting with a test project, but thought I would ask here to try to get an idea more quickly if this something that is ever done, or even possible. It's not something I want to spend much time on right now, so I would rather drop it if not straightforard.
Ah, thanks. I know this sounds cowardly, but I think I’ll have to delay doing that until I’m in a better situation – I’m operating in isolation, with an unreliable laptop, and I can’t afford the risk of having to something going wrong. But I really appreciate you having pointed me in the right direction for future explorations!
Netbeans Teels > Plugins > Maven > Installed tab shows
Version: 4.30.1
Source: NetBeans IDE 8.1 (Build 201510222201)

but looking on the Maven site suggests 3.8.6 is the latest version?, so I’m uncertain.

(Then doing a Check for Updates bring up a “Unable to connect to the Plugin Portal because of Connection reset” warning)

Maybe I’ll just go ahead with the pull and see what happens
Thanks Stephan! I think I've merged it. (I meant to make an associated change to the README, but I'll have to do that later.) To get it back into my IDE (NetBeans) I think I would do Team > Remote > Pull (or Pull from Upstream)? (I tried initially to make a clone into a new project folder, but that didn't work.) (On a related note, I did try making a Maven test project, but the build process did not complete, so I'm also not sure if there's something amiss with my set generally)
Aha, I didn’t realise that about the README – I probably would have wondered at some point why it didn’t appear by default as it had in a previous versions (when I did indeed have the name  as just “README”!) (I changed later to avoid the possibility of confusing myself with the README file generated by NetBeans in the dist directory after doing a build, but in retrospect that was unnecessary, so I will gladly revert the name.)

Re build definition: I do have a note in the README about intending to try to use Maven to generate a POM, so I will bite the bullet on that next (new to this aspect).

Re lack of package structure: yes, I realise this is not standard, and actually have a note in the comments at the top of the java file about another reason why I might want to do that. To be honest, since my projects have been so small it’s always seemed like overkill to use packages, with all the extra clicking involved in opening subdirectories, but I will probably add that also.

I’ll bear your example in mind when I try the Maven project setup (I don’t yet have a feeling for the extra levels of directory organisation needed, but will read up.)

Thanks again – really appreciate this advice!
(Sorry, don’t want to seem to be bumping the thread, but just wanted to update that I now have just a single repo for NotAgain, https://github.com/embyr333/NotAgain, with the ‘simplified’ 3-item content in case anyone else visits and finds dead/altered links. Have a bit better feel for the process now, after experimenting further. Thanks for help   )
(I’ve now made a provisional ‘simplified’ repo of the type I was wondering about above, at https://github.com/embyr333/embyr333-NotAgain_simple_GH_repo))