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Recent posts by Rajib Ban

As Campbell says, not necessarily.

Amiong the pressing issues we are engaged in, let's not bring him into picture. I have already informed you, and nothing has changed for me to change my opinion.
3 years ago
Ha! Ha!
Then it has been a deterioration! ;-)
Earlier my codes used to run but only in an unwanted fashion. Now, it doesn't compile at all!
Is this not deterioration!? ;-)
3 years ago
If you haven't tested your code to check whether it works as intended, how come you are advising me to keep on changing the codes?
Please check and confirm! Don't worry, I won't cheat in learning, and won't ask you to divulge the codes to me.
I am continuing to keep posting the complete codes here, expecting you to check them!
3 years ago
My query is: Does your code work as intended?
3 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:This is what I mean re: the positioning of your variables:

Sir, in your still earlier post you had advised,

Dave Tolls wrote:I was thinking more of creating the frame inside the main() method, just not inside the timer.

Though it has highlighted an issue, in that you will also need to move 'i' out as well, otherwise your frame won't be able to see it to reference it.

3 years ago
On, sorry! Did not see your post while I was editing and posted. I will do the needful and get back.
3 years ago
Sticking with AWT. Will solve what is begun, then move over to swing.
Correcting this code is beyond me. You have to support.

Errors from console:

The Console version of Java

3 years ago
Okay, if you advise, I will move over to swing.

I will move the frame within timer. But shows a hell lot of errors.

Okay, we follow and  get back.
3 years ago
Swing can wait, as I am just learning.

The error codes in the Eclipse console:
3 years ago
I am into Java for the last two months. Things that appear cakewalk for accomplished programmers are difficult to comprehend. So, patience is requested.
During the time spent in waiting to find a solution for my last post, I have changed and improved upon my earlier code. It works somewhat, but opens multiple windows, perhaps because it runs within a loop and employs static text window for a non-static integer variable.
There are solutions in the Stackoverflow Java, but they are beyond my current ability to comprehend. I need a little help. The issue was posted in the Eclipse forum but it is off-topic for the same.
Saved as Countdown.java and run from Eclipse with argument as small integer.

I further altered the codes into two parts, one with the main function and one without. Creates other problems.
But I will post and learn about them later.
In the meanwhile, a very small program on Dynamic text will be very nice.
3 years ago
I will pause this thread and open a new one. Ther is lot of confusion here already!
Will come back to this thread later.
3 years ago
Regarding your post, I am very able to understand the difference between empathy and alter. Yours was at my level, reaching out to me, with empathy. I will rather choose not to change my decision, based on my past experiences.

Since that post of mine, I've partly solved the issue, but a minor toothache remains. Unfortunately, I have already sought for suggestions from the Eclipse forum with my post, here. So I can no longer post the issue here, to avoid duplication of efforts on the behalf of the repliers.

However, you are at liberty to read the Eclipse forum post and advise me here, or desist from visiting the link or advising me. I presume that nothing stops you from your exercising your free will!

My regards for your understanding and a better reply, treating me as your equal.
3 years ago

"Campbell Riichie" wrote:It's Campbell Ritchie, not Richie Campbell.

I apologise for the error, Sir!

"Campbell Riichie" wrote:I didn't think it was my place to test the code; that is your responsibility.

Thank you, Sir, for showing me my place. It would be nice if you henceforth could please ignore my posts, Sir!
3 years ago
Illustrious sheriffs,

Dr. Richie Campbell has suggested some codes which he unfortunately did not test.

My question was not about codes, or only asking for codes.

My experiment is on a different area:

Isn't there modularity in Java, so that no good lines are touched, but simply the part that is needed to be changed are changed without affecting the rest codes?

Like I posted two codes.

The part which I don't want is the system.out.println() part. Can't only that part be replaced?

I wanted to test the modularity of Java, just by replacing a part which I don't want with something that works as intended.
3 years ago
I have a Timer code from Oracle.

I have an old thread from here, Redirect System.out.println() to a JTextArea/JTextPane?:

How to use the second code to output the Timer to JText instead of the console?
3 years ago