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Hi all!

Just an update: I passed with a 77% today. Thanks for all the advice and explanations from this forum! After taking your advice for another month, I felt ready to take it again. I gave every question a first pass with 35 minutes to spare going back to ones I marked for review. The moral is to not give up or get discouraged and take time to have fun away from the studying stress.  
This is added to my new game plan! I'm going to purchase another study guide book to get a different perspective as well. Thank you for keeping it real with me haha! I've decided to not schedule the re-take yet as the extra pressure and rushing through more preparations will not help me in the short and long run. I hope to feel ready to take it on again in a few months.
I did take a few of the Enthuware mock exams more than once,however, I did pass the last-day exam without having seen the questions before. You are right that I clearly do need to increase my Java knowledge in certain areas. I did also get very nervous on the test after I knew my timing was off. A bit more detailed on how I prepared: Reading the OCA book from Jeanne and Scott multiple times and reviewing my test answers after each one and going through where I have holes again with the book concepts and online resources such as Stackoverflow and Coderanch. I purchased the additional practice questions book also from Jeanne and Scott for OCA and OCP and went through each chapter and then reviewed the concepts I missed again. The one thing I didn't do as consistently was write snippets of code for each concept - I focused more on doing this for areas I often got confused on. Is this maybe where I missed in my preparation?
Thanks. I will try the practice tests that came with the book. The biggest lesson learned for me is that I started the Enthuware tests too early before I fully understood the concepts so now I will only use them to keep my test taking skills sharp and learn from missed questions but now use the score as a real measure. I may look into Whizlabs as well but from looking at some sample questions, they are not very realistic. I guess better than nothing? On the exam, I spent too much time on a few questions with a lot of code and information to take in (including having to scroll up and now); I'm not sure if this is normal or if the test center I chose wasn't very modern. I should have marked those and moved on to questions I felt more confident about. If you have any advice on managing time as I'm new to Java and take longer to read through code, that would be awesome too!
Hi all,

First, this forum is the best whether looking for advice, explanations or just a general word of encouragement. You guys rock! My situation is that I'm new to Java(3 months experience) and have been studying for the past two and 1/2 months (at least 3 hours a day) using Jeanne and Scott's book plus Enuthuware tests( very good and many questions on exam were similar) I had been doing okay on the practice tests for Enthuware - anywhere between 65 and 85 %, however I believe I started memorizing some of the format of the questions and therefore, were able to answer them fairly quickly. On exam day, I felt prepared but got tripped up on the first few questions and didn't manage my time well creating a time crunch at the end and ended up guessing on about 7 questions at the end blindly with no time to even read them. Needless to say, I didn't re-check my answers either.  The final result was a 50%.  I want to sit for it again in a few weeks but unsure of how to proceed from here. Do I re-take all the Enthuware tests but more closely monitor time on each question? Are there other practice tests sources I should try where I haven't seen the questions so much? What do you guys suggest? I don't wan to overuse the same resources and get over-confident, however, I don't want to use bad practice tests either.

Thank you!!!
I got a compiler error. Okay I think I understand. If the two interfaces are not in the same inheritance chain and they both have the same method, there is no way for the class not to inherit both methods, however, if the sub-interface overrides the method, it is possible. Anything else I should know about this?
Hello all,

The following question is from Enthuware. The answer they say is that it would output  "101 Smart Str". Am I wrong in being confused because doesn't the concrete class still inherit both default methods and would it not need to override it with its own version? I thought this would be a compiler error.

Yes, that makes perfect sense now. Thank you! I will be sure to tackle any similar problems step by step from now on.
Hi Java ninjas!

I came across the below question while using the Enthuware test software. I'm sure it's actually quite simple to explain, however, Enthuware has a very long and complicated explanation that I do not understand. Why is the output 1 here?

Below is the explanation from the website:
n an array access, the expression to the left of the brackets appears to be fully evaluated before any part of the expression within the brackets is evaluated.
In the expression a[(a=b)[3]], the expression a is fully evaluated before the expression (a=b)[3]; this means that the original value of a is fetched and remembered while the expression (a=b)[3] is evaluated. This array referenced by the original value of a is then subscripted by a value that is element 3 of another array (possibly the same array) that was referenced by b and is now also referenced by a. So, it is actually a[0] = 1.
Note that if evaluation of the expression to the left of the brackets completes abruptly, no part of the expression within the brackets will appear to have been evaluated.

Okay it is clear to me now. N is simply pointing to null object but the array reference is unchanged. Thank you!
It is a question from enthuware.
3 years ago
Thank you and yes I did try it. The question at the top was part of the original mock question. I always thought pass by value did not affect the original value and here it seems like it does.

Can someone please explain this? The code compiles because m2(); is masked by m3(); in finally?

3 years ago

I encountered this question on Enthuware test today. The correct answer is B.  I understand why i is 1 but I do not understand why the method changes the arrays value. Is it because it's actually getting the array element of 0 and not just the name?

What will be the result of attempting to compile and run the following class?

The code will print i = 1 iArr[0] = 1
The code will print i = 1 iArr[0] = 2
The code will print i = 2 iArr[0] = 1
The code will print i = 2 iArr[0] = 2
The code will not compile.
There is no problem with the code.
Sorry to clarify, what I meant to ask if why is it okay to the compiler that reference a is cast as C? That is the bit that is confusing to me.

Thank you!