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Lilou Laure

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Recent posts by Lilou Laure

ok thanks il try !
4 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Lilou,
You can't apply for "senior Java developer" without having Java development experience.

But your first job doesn't dictate your career either. Code in other languages and put it on github. Go to Java user groups. Network. Move in a different direction as you change jobs.

Remember that it is easier to find a job when you have a job.

Can you suggest ways to change my project to a Java project i.e. how to jump to a Java project smoothly. What reasons could I give while requesting for a change such that it would appear reasonable and not a problem.
I am ok with learning other technologies and languages but to start off with I wish to build a strong work foundation / experience in Java and keep Java as my base (something that I wish to master to an extent since Java has opportunities in app development, big data, web application development, in the banking industry etc. etc. and so many other avenues and so I want to have a good experience in any technology based on Java).

How do I request for this in a manner that is CONVINCING to the managers ?
4 years ago
anybody with answers please ?
4 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Lilou Laure wrote:. . . I am not new to the ranch ! anyways thanks !    . . .

No, but one of the other people on this thread has their first post here.

Oh ok ok fine !
4 years ago
Hey all !

I have currently started a job for project that deals with IIB (IBM Integration Bus). And the language being used is ESQL (Embedded SQL).
I have done my OCAJP - 8 (Java).

Initially after completing my Java certification I thought I would get to work in the Java domain and gain some good experience. But now after looking at the job I am into, I am a little worried because after this job , when I decide to change to another company, I may not have Java experience to apply for Java developer jobs. Will I only be able to work for IBM related projects in the future or ESQL work ? Will I be able to apply for Java developer kind of jobs like senior Java developer , Java developer ,  etc. ?

I am really confused ! Somebody please just clear out my doubts and worries. Am I into good work i.e. IIB with ESQL. This is my first job.
Will I have good opportunities in the future ? WHat kind of jobs will I be able to do in the future?

PS - I know it may be too early to ask so many questions but if somebody assures me , I'll be mentally relaxed !
4 years ago

samaira sahay wrote:A book by Sumita Arora will help you. Or if you are not looking for an Indian author then you can go for Introduction to Java by Sedgewick.

Thanks !

4 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

I am not new to the ranch ! anyways thanks !  

4 years ago
Hey all !

I am really confused with all the options available for Java EE books.

Can you guys suggest me a really good book to start of with Java EE which has in depth coverage of concepts and easy to understand . A book used for certifiaction exams prepartion will be preferrable as I feel those books go deeper into the language specifications.

PS - A humble request would be to not give a list of books or links with many book options as I have checked those and confused which to choose. So please do write 1 or 2 book names which are your personal recommendations. Or if there is a very similar post like this one of mine already, a link to the same will also be very helpful. Thank You.
4 years ago
OK everybody thanks for your tips and suggestions ! Will keep my practice on and lets see what it brings me !        
4 years ago
How do I get better at finding lesser complexity solutions
4 years ago
OK everybody ! Thanks for your help !

I mostly am able to  find solutions myself  in the brute force method. But it involves a higher time complexity ! And I find it a little hard to figure out a solution with lesser time complexity on my own .      
4 years ago
1.As we all commonly know, programming requires good logical and anaytical skills and thinking. Does one have to be intelligent to be good in programming ?
2.Or does it come by practice ?
3.An intelligent person with higher IQ may easily be able to do it . But what about the others or an average person ?

4.How is one supposed to decide upon whether or not he / she is suitable for a software developer / programmer profile ?
5.And how do these logical thinking skills get learnt ?
6.Should they be there naturally in the person ?
7.Or can it be acquired with practice / experience ?
4 years ago

Scott Shipp wrote:Was the question stated exactly this way? The class names given don't even follow standard Java conventions. I'd personally avoid the company from here on out if that was an interview question given to me.

See don't see the conventions and all and decide about the company !  

The question is to execute all those statements at the same time.
4 years ago