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Recent posts by Robin Mulkers

Removing a signature from a Jar file like JAXB is easy.
Just go to the meta-inf folder, find the file and remove all the paired lines Name & SHA1-Digest.
Save that and update the jar file with the changes.
THer might be also other security related certificates in the meta-inf folder that can be removed too.

But pay attention to what you are doing!

Downloaded Java executables from vendors like SUN, BEA or IBM are always legally protected. Check the licence to see exactly what you can do with that software. JAXB in particular comes with an "evaluation purposes only" licence.

I have been answering to E-mail and bloggin about this:
Why an Open-Source policy?
JWSDP licence

If I remember well, there was a conflict within the javax.xml.namespace package where there were classes signed by Sun and unsigned classes.

Maybe just removing the conflicting jar file (xml-namespace.jar or something similar) was solving the problem I had because an implementation of the class in that jar file was existing already somewhere else.

18 years ago

Originally posted by Evan McCarthy:
I'm trying to create a web service client in Java. I've gotten this far:

String endpoint = "";

Evan, you are using the Dynamic invocation API of Axis JAX-RPC: the Call interface.
This interface requires an endpoint that is actually a URL referenced in the location attribute of service, port, address element of the WSDL.
I do have the impression that the endpoint you are using is returning you the WSDL itself but is not the endpoint for your Soap service call.
You should try

You should also pay attention to compatibility issues for accessing .Net web services from Java. In particular specify a value for soapAction.

19 years ago

Originally posted by Ashish Garg:
Hi All,
When we are genrating the WSDL using javatowsdl we are getting the methods signature changed. ...

You should not use Javatowsdl because the WSDL that you get is RPC style and uses Soap encoding. You should comply to basic profile and use a document style and literal encoding.
If you do not do that, you will end up with a non standard web service. If this does not seem to be an issue, you might then consider RMI for your application and end up with a better solution where the original interface is entirely preserved.
19 years ago
Hi, you have classes in the package javax.xml.namespace that are spread over different jar files in your classpath.
Some of these jar files are signed, some are not or signed by another company.
Simply remove the signature from the signed jar files or manage your classpath in order to avoid this situation.

Best regards.
19 years ago
First of all, you must avoid to use JNI in a J2EE environment because it breaks the portability, you might not be able to release your application without restarting the app server, etc etc
I believe you have no other choice.
So, you must specify a library name as a String parameter for System.loadLibrary( )
The path of the library name must be complete, if relative you might have problems.
20 years ago