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Recent posts by Al Hobbs

If your goal is ios,  android , and a website then if you don't necessarily want native code for the phone apps then you can use xamarian to make an app that will run on android and apple phones.   Then for websites you could use  if you do that you could learn just one programming language: c#.  

If you want native phone apps then you would need java for android , and swift for Apple.   You could then make the website stuff (backend) with java.    

Learning the languages isn't necessarily the hard part.  The part you need to know are how to design stuff so that changing things in the future isn't a pain in the a.

Also html/css/javascript if you are ever going to touch webstuff for sure.

Also c++ is going to be much harder than java or c# or javascript.
3 days ago
You can put an asyncresponse in the parameter of the controller method and use that.   Problem is that even though the controller isnt blocked you can still time out on the client end.    If it takes 10 minutes then you probably want to find another way to transfer the data.  Even if it's asynchronous it will still take the same amount of time.

Maybe you could use a webs ocker?
3 days ago
I dont see any interactions panel. Maybe you are using an ide?   You could just compile it in the terminal and it would be easier probably......
1 week ago
Hi  is that the whole error?  Also why are you directly using threads.
2 weeks ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

Brecht Geeraerts wrote: Project Lombok

Thanks but no

Why not?
2 weeks ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote: except the second time you use the stored salt, not a newly generated one.

Should the app use a different salt for each password or should It be generated one time and then stored in a file or what?  
2 weeks ago
Lombok will automatically put the boilerplate in when it compiles.  Not sure if its when it compiles or not but it wont ever show up in the java file.  
2 weeks ago
So you want to be able to go to different anchors?
The response you bet is not related to having other plans.  It only means that he will let you know if he needs a ride.
4 weeks ago
I dont know about Microsoft and yandex but Google has an api for its translator.  It's priced by character.
4 weeks ago
I think if you just remove the # from the url then angular won't reload because it's the same route.
If the input will always be a number you dont even have to int.parse.  you can just compare the characters
1 month ago
Your code may run fine with the example test cases but it  probably doesn't hold up under all the test cases that are tested when you submit.  You will probably have to improve it.
1 month ago