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Recent posts by Al Hobbs

It looks like there is an exception message there in Portuguese.  That might help you
1 day ago
Where are you running that command exactly?
1 month ago
you could either have a state for the bot that is given with each request or have a single page app where all requests are done asynchronously
If you want to serve static content you have to set it up or use the default /static/ path.  See more about this here in the docs.
1 month ago
You have to add an empty object because otherwise it will be null i think.  You can try it without adding the object and see what happens
1 month ago
i doubt the name is being truncated.  That input is probably coming from somewhere directly
If you are using JSP for the front end it would be easier to handle the redirects on the backend
1 month ago
if possible you should use some kind of web framework. You would be needlessly be burdening yourself unless that is the purpose of the assignment.
Where are you getting the CORS error exactly? That is for asynchronous requests, not browser navigation.
1 month ago
5. Unit Testing
   20% is not much so you could just test the business logic.

7. Data Persistence
 This just means the data can be retrieved even if the program is turned off.  The technologies list has jdbc and postgres listed so they want you to use postgres db to persist the data.

8. Logging
  log4j has a learning curve.  I suggest thoroughly reading the docs if you can't get it working from a sample.

1 month ago
You should design it without doing any work first.  Think about what different pieces you need and what they will be responsible for and how they interact with each other.
1 month ago
bgcolor is deprecated.

The docs say you should use background-color now.

Why would it be set to current date?
2 months ago
Easiest way would be if the app has access to the internet, it can check the input on a map site.
2 months ago