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Recent posts by Al Hobbs

Are they running over and over again?  Why don't you put them on a stack.   Or you can add all of them at the same time to the executor.  Basically your problem is you don't want duplicates and there are many ways you can do that.
You don't want task3 to run at the same time or what?  newFixedThreadPool means you will have a set number of threads in the pool hence the 'fixed.'
The link has examples of how to make custom repositories.  An example of those might be in the spring data examples.  What you are doing seems pretty unique so I doubt you will find a project with a similar setup at least publicly available.
1 week ago
You can programmatically make entitymanagers.  You don't need to use jdbc.

Here's a link about custom repositories.  spring custom repo link
I would try adding a functionality to switch out the entitymanager.  You could store the user's db persistence info in a file or a database if there will be alot of configurations.
1 week ago
Ok so the program will use a different database depending on the user.  You will obviously have to implement that service yourself and then inject it wherever you need it.  I'm not really sure how to make a new repository instance programmatically. If you are using the spring jpa interfaces then you will need to look into making those.  Probably the easiest way is to directly use JPA and have the Entitymanagers in a service that you pass around.
1 week ago
You can choose the start page by mapping the root mapping to whatever you want.  For the security part I suggest checking out the docs they are very helpful.  Here's a link to configuring http security: spring link
1 week ago
Why are you switching?  Do the databases have the same kind of data?
1 week ago
How do you want to back it up?
1 week ago
If they are different sessions then I am gonna say no.  That seems like a huge design flaw if they shared the same session.
1 week ago
How about Joshua Bloch?

If you don't want garbage collector, how about executor?  As in executor service
1 week ago
Just have 8 winners.  There's only so many words.  I feel like some of those words shouldn't even be in there like words from foreign languages that probably aren't used by anyone.
1 week ago
looks like a lambda already
1 week ago
It's possible to reverse a linked list with constant space and only going through it one time.  
1 week ago
The hibernate docs have alot of examples.  The kind of PK you are using would depend on your data probably.  Why don't you just have an incremented ID if you have no idea what you need.  If you want to know how to do something with hibernate the docs are very detailed and have code examples.