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Recent posts by Al Hobbs

That book looks awesome actually.
1 month ago
Did you make the api? Is there documentation of how to use it?
Add getters and setters with annontations that target a 'jarFileClass' member variable.
Readability and if there is a local  variable with the same name it will be used instead of the member variable.
1 month ago
Not sure how would it affect performance but that seems like it is a code smell either way.
A course covering the basics would be a good starting point. Several universities have course material and lectures online you can use.
Other than that it's a grind
1 month ago
If you want list of only the image file names you can use map.

How does it not support utf-8 that is the defacto character set
What is the reason for your choice of backend?
1 month ago
use spring for back end. react for frontend. something like bootstrap for styling. mariadb for database
visual studio 6 wow. I thought 2013 was bad.

The beginning of the book should say something about the requirements for compiling the examples.
2 months ago