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I plan to do this exam by the beginning of next year, and am a bit clueless of how to prepare. There is no mock exam available as I can see, neither on enthuware, epractizelabs nor See also the thread on enthuware about 1z0-900.

There is an official tutorial on java ee 7 that was recommended in a question on stackoverflow. This tutorial can be downloaded as PDF (980 pages!) and seems quite elaborated. I'm not sure if the book (together with volume 2) is the printed version, however I will print it myself.

I ordered the book which seems to cover most of the topics in the exam description (except maybe security), and also had a look at resp. , which is bigger, but seems to cover less topics.
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought the forum is just about one book :-) It's Boyarsky-Selikoff, OCP Study Guide.

I'm quite fine now with the first one - this was

so we say here that Animal has-a name?

The second one was

So the question was, how many compilation errors are in here.
(1) The line numbers were given to start with one, so the import for java.util.Scanner is missing.
(2) String does not implement AutoCloseable, so cannot be used with try-with-resources statement.
(3) RainException is not catched or declared.
(4) RainException is not static, cannot be instantiated from the static method main.
(5) In the finally block, s is not available anymore (it goes out of scope after the try block).
So these would be 5 errors.
Hi there,

I think I've found 2 more mistakes in the Assessment Tests of the book (OCP Study Guide).

In Q.8 on p. xlii, answer A says "Wolf has-a name" which is true according to the solutions. However, the other answers refer to the class name, not to the name of the field. Also the discussion in Chapter 2 refers always to the class name, never to the field name (as far as I remember). So it would be more correct to say that "Wolf has-a String", isn't it?

In Q.14, I found some more mistakes: The java.util.Scanner class is not properly imported; and also the RainException class is not static - so it cannot be instantiated in the static method in l.7.

Kind regards