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Sorry for late reply and thanks for providing your thoughts. I selected MySQL and MongoDB.
They are taking me as a full stack developer. I know Java programming but they also want me to know some databases,that I will learn from scratch,and I don't know for which context they want me to know and may be depending upon the choice of the databases they will put me in particular team, I am a student and I don't know the working of IT sector, so all I can ask now is which databases is having good scope in future.
I am a student who recently got an offer from a company and I am required to choose 2 databases from


I don't know much about databases and my selection was based on java programming language.So I know Java 8 but I am not able to pick 2 databases from them

From my side I did some research and got MySQL and postgreSQL as the 1st and 3rd mostly used databases according to stack overflow survey
Should I go with these 2 databases ?
2 years ago
Thanks for the guidelines Jeanne
And one more thing after reading your book of OCAJP while preparing for OCA I truly became fan of you and Scott. I only hope that in future I get the chance to meet and thank you personally (for that I really have to keep studying hard and have to travel a long journey). Thank you for writing such an awesome book, and please write more books like these

And for spring I came to know new book named "pivotal certified professional spring developer exam a study guide which cover spring 4.x by apress" i will try this book along with your study guide and tips(it have lot of imp information).
Thanks a lot
2 years ago
Hello everyone,
I want to go for spring core certification but I couldn't find any good reference. I have searched and googled about it and what I came to know is about the book spring in action 4th ed. But I also went on and came to know that many people have used this book for this certification but didn't do well on the exam.

So if anyone knows some good reference for spring core certification that I should use for the exam please tell me.
2 years ago
I am not able to understand why D is not printed, if someone could provide me little explanation it would be a great help

page 326

What is printed beside the stack trace caused by the NullPointerException from line 16?

2 years ago

The way I see it is -
When I used float = 10 than 10 is stored as int literal whích is upcast to float. But when we take any decimal literal it is stored as double type so when I write  float = 20.1 or something in decimal than the literal 20.1 is stored as double so downcast is required  which is supposed to be hardcoded by the user

Please tell if I am thinking correct
2 years ago
page 56

What is the data type of x + y?
double x = 39.21;
float y = 2.1;
This is actually a trick question, as this code will not compile!

In this, it says the code won't compile but when i run the above code it runs without issue, so what i am doing wrong here or is it i am understanding wrong?

2 years ago
can anyone explain me these line form book OCPJSE8 by Jeanne  and Scott

its written in page number 146 just below the code

For example, the following Product class defines a compareTo() method that is not consistent
with equals:

You might be sorting Product objects by name, but names are not unique. Therefore, the
return value of compareTo() might not be 0 when comparing two equal Product objects,
so this compareTo() method is not consistent with equals

2 years ago

Norm Radder wrote:Do you have a List.class file on the classpath when the javac program is executed?

Yes that's the reason I am extremely sorry  sir even though Dave tolls mentioned that point before but I didn't took seriously and  really thank you sir  Norman Radder for specifying about the List.class file in the directory and helping me till the end.
2 years ago
One more thing the code work fine if I make a reference (glist) of ArrayList instead of List interface .
So what exactly is the possible cause when the List interface is used
Please help me to find out this .
2 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:Is there a CLASSPATH defined?
If so where does it point, and what is in those/that directories?

The directory have couple of other java file  but I am pretty sure directory isn't a problem.
2 years ago