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since Sep 21, 2002
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Recent posts by Karthik D

BTW,what version of Jboss were you using and what database you were trying to connect(Mysql, Hsql etc.) and their versions.Did you copied the JDBC connector jar file to the lib directory of JBoss?

19 years ago
Hello All,
I was trying to compile a sample servlet program under the following environment
Windows NT 4 SP 5
Apache Tomcat 4.1.12
Sun JDK 1.4.0
I am getting the following error :
error: Invalid class file format in E:\Tomcat
4.1\common\lib\servlet.jar(javax/servlet/http/HttpServlet.class). wrong version: 46, expected 45 Superclass javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet of class
ServletTemplate not found.
public class ServletTemplate extends HttpServlet{
2 errors
I checked the CLASSPATH and JAVA_HOME variable.
The JAVA_HOME is set to the path where jdk 1.4 is installed.The CLASSPATH includes the path to servlet.jar found under TOMCAT_HOME\common\lib.
Has someone else faced a similar problem?I have seen some posts w.r.t to rt.jar but I think here the JVM is not the problem.

Thanks & Regards,
21 years ago
Hello friends,
I had a strange problem while setting up Apache Tomcat 4.0.4 on my desktop which runs on Windows NT4 SP6 platform.
I installed Tomcat and started tomcat.In order
to check Tomcat,I opened a browser window and typed http://localhost:8080.I couldn't see the Apache Tomcat home page.The browser was hanging without any response.
Then I tried with which is the IP address of my machine.It worked.It
displayed the Apache Tomcat home page correctly.
I couldn't understand what could be the problem?Is that related to any DNS setup?I could able to ping/nslookup the machine with hostname.
Could somebody help me?
Thanks for your time
21 years ago
Hello All,
I am a newbie to Apache/Tomcat.Currently I am working in a project which uses Servlets/JSPs
running under Cocoon(for XSLT)+Tomcat 4.0.1 with
Apache 1.3.19 as the web server.
We are performing stress/load testing of the application and trying to find out some metrics
(like response time etc).We are not in a position to use any standard stress test tools from Rational/Silk/Load Runner.I tried to find any freely available stress test tools.But couldn't get any.
Let me come to the point.Actually I have the
following questions
- How Apache processes client requests??
(i.e does it spawns a process/thread for each
client request)
- How does mod_jk works?(module which redirects the requests from Apache to Tomcat I suppose)

Why I have these questions is I would like to know the internals of these components for a better understanding.
Moreover we would like to know at each stage(Apache<-->Tomcat<-->Cocoon) how much time the processing takes and where the delay could be.
May be it is some sort of profiling web applications.
I searched the Web as well Tomcat Documentation site/Apache but couldn't get much info.
If anyone has good pointers(books,websites)
kindly let me know.
Thanks & Regards,
21 years ago