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I agree with Panagiotis Varlagas with the same comments that he made.
Below are the questions that I came across with in the Pre Assessment Test. Can anyone guide me about whether or not my answers are correct? and reason for their being correct o incorrect.
Which of the following are good practices to use while designing for reuse?
A. Define a persistence framework that provides services for persisting objects.
B. Use design patterns, wherein complete solutions are already defined.
C. Use controller objects to control the flow of processes in the system.
D. Assign responsibilities to classes such that coupling between them remains low.
E. Design classes with low cohesion.

Select 2 answers

Which of the following are recommended when developing an OO system?
A. Write a description of the concept that a class represents whenever a
new class is declared.
B. Use interfaces for types or roles that objects may play, independent
of their location in the class hierarchy.
C. Apply design patterns where applicable in the system.
D. Name classes based on their design specifics, such as "array" or "queue".
Select the best answer.

Which of the following are TRUE about interaction diagrams?
A. Interaction diagrams are at their best when they illustrate multiple scenarios.
B. Interaction diagrams are good at designing part or all of one use case's functionality across multiple objects.
C. Interaction diagrams are good for static modeling, since they fill out the classes and methods in the domain.
D. Interaction diagrams allow the analyst to show iteration and conditional execution for messaging between objects.
E. Sequence diagrams are logically equivalent to collaboration diagrams, differing primarily in format of presentation.
Select 3 answers.
Valid reasons for grouping classes into the same package are that the classes:
A. are related by aggregation.
B. are worked on by the same group of developers.
C. are related by specialization.
D. support the same high-level services.
Select 2 answers.
Hi there,
I want to select list items on right click on JList. Can anyone tell me about this?
21 years ago
You wrote :
MyApplet a = new MyApplet();
Try this
MyApplet a = new MyApplet();
I think you applet refernce was wrong.
21 years ago
Please check that you have coverted HTML using HTML Converter in Jdk's bin directory to avoid any version conflicts.
if your jars' class isn not found then check your jar packaging.
also be sure that you have JRE of 1.4 installed for your browser.
Also tell me which class in not found
21 years ago
I am using JDK1.4 anf using a scoket channel with selector to write data over the network. when I try to connect to a remote server (the same server from which applet was downloaded) following error occurs. acces denied ( connect,resolve)
Please let me know what could be the reason for this. thanx in advance.
Khurram Mahmood
21 years ago
yeah you are right The two processes (i.e. analysis and design) are different from each other asnd people often get confused when talking about the two. In the analysis we identify use cases, concepts create conceptual model etc. And in the design is about how to implement these concepts and shape them into Objects. But my question is that what we do in the design pattern we make use of our common practices so why is it said that do not think of implementation at the design time?
The pair analysis/design that I used is due to the fact that we at times can not put a line of demarkation between the two (Except for the old definition that analysis replies "What" type of questions and design does the same for "How " type of the queries.
every one must have seen many OO designers saying that dont think of implementation at design time. On the other hand at the same time we see people talking about the design patterns which come from common best practices (obviously implementation). Should one think of implementation at Object Oriented design time or not? Or should we stuck at Never ever think of implementation at analysis/design time.
Khurram Mahmood.