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Recent posts by Yundi Li, Daniel

If my application run on a j2ee complaint application server, but i did not use any EJB (because I use hibernate to replace it), can I still claim my project as J2EE?
I am using WSAD to export my *.ear file to the deploy dir. As the ear is a zip file, the jboss(come with tomcat) will unzip the ear into a tmp directory , so that when I get the context root path, i will get something like this C:\jboss-3.2.3\server\default\tmp\deploy\tmp58054struts-example.war (which is a directory)

I think it is not what I want.

I hope the jboss to extract the files just inside the default deploy dir, not in the temp. e.g C:\Downloads\jboss-3.2.3\server\default\deploy\MyTest.war (which is a directory).

so that I can get the webroot path directly.

I found that Tomcat 5 will do that during the hot deployment.

How can I config my jboss (3.2.3) to do that ?

thanks for your attendtion

19 years ago
It contains some swingwidgets that could be reuse in many purpose, please enjoy
21 years ago
Thanks your reply.
I'm fresh on UML. I don't mean to ask other people to write for me, i just hope you could see my project and give me comments, that's that.
I am a fresh graduate student. Now is a programmer. The Jthumbnailer is my own open source project, for practise my analysis skill, i try to model my project by uml.
Currently, i am building an open source project using UML as modeling language.
But i dont't know whether my uml diagram are good or not.
I hope so body can give me suggestions. , you could download my program and my uml-spec. The uml-spec can be viewed by pdf, for detail, you could use visual-paradigm to open the *.vpp file.
How could i design my classes to achieve the MVC principal.
I understand what it is, but i just dont know/not good to implement it in my projects.
Please download it and see my source codes
try this
you could see all the source codes and email me to ask/talk
21 years ago
please email me to talk about if you have interest. Thanks
21 years ago
it is my open source project.
I wanna find some expert to be my partners and give me suggestions to impriove it (just for fun).
Please contact me at:
21 years ago
i wanna find some partners to work with me(just for fun).
If you have interest, please contact me
21 years ago
I wanna find some partners to write this buggy software with me (no-paid, just for fun).
It still has many many bugs, please feel free to correct me
Please give me comments.
21 years ago
i found a site that have a good Case Tool and many resource of UML