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hi royale

A boolean cant suddenly become another primitive data type:
boolean hasDataType;  
hasDataType is either true or false it cant just become an integer or a float

but casting is converting similar data types, like you can cast a float to an int and vice versa as they are both numbers.

can you explain more what you not getting?

maybe watch this video, i found it good and it cleared a lot up

8 months ago
Hi guys

was just reading the main is a pain article and i get it, but was also wondering what happens when you have more than one class.

like if i had
a car, person and map classes for a program that did something. What would you name the launcher? in the cash register example in the article it was CashRegisterLauncher
but in a program like what im describing? with multiple classes?

also are the objects just all instantiated in the main launcher? Is it time i really started studying design patterns?
8 months ago
Im reading about Maven and Gradle and cant place where and what they are/do.

I know they are for build automation for Java
but what does that mean?
Dont Java projects just get compiled? can somebody please explain these two and which is better or mostly used.
Im guessing like everything they have their strengths and weaknesses and are applied depending on what you doing.
Is it strictly for building mobile projects?
8 months ago
Yes J thats the one, think its a lot like Lua. I found that you can use a c++ or c compiler for it.
8 months ago
Hi guys,

My new job will involve scripting with squirrel

has anybody used this language?

what compiler does it use? what IDE can i use though im sure i could just use sublime or notepad ++

doesnt seem to be too much information on it

8 months ago
I'm starting to think that this:

Should be done with a loop?
9 months ago
Thanks for the help S, yes it is a beginner question, the change section on the new post doesnt work, i normally click the first post i see to get the new topic button up then change it to beginning java, but i notice it doesnt work, i will click into beginning java in future, surprised nobody has moved it.

9 months ago
Does this look more promising, i think that the first thing that should eliminate a command attempt ie "D2" should be length, if the command entered is less than 2 and greater than 3 characters, it should fail immediately.
Working on "U" and "D" first characters now.

9 months ago
ok so:

Input needs to be no less than 2 and no more than 3 spaces, ie only D1 or D12 or U2 U13 can be entered.
first letter must be a "d/D" or a "u/U".
First character must be "d/D" or "u/U" and character 2 and 3 must be a number.
if enter is pressed after first number ie D3 ,that is fine.

have i missed anything?
9 months ago
Am I on the right track here?

9 months ago
Hi Campbell

yes it is, i prefer to keep things in separate posts, but if its a problem here i can keep it all under the same post, no problem at all.

for my "U" "D" floor numbers to move am i better off using regular expressions or is that overkill?
9 months ago
If I wanted to have the user enter "U" or "D" as up and down followed by a number, am I taking a string and taking the first index as a string or a character?
9 months ago
On a separate note my U3 D2 etc, should that be a method in my KeyboardUtility, or would i do the logic in the program to handle U2 and D4 checking etc, or does it matter?
9 months ago
Yes you got it, maybe i can use a switch to translate the numbers to basement 1 2
penthouse, ground floor etc
9 months ago