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Recent posts by Sonal Mohile

Thank you all. Rajeshwari, i would say that the book Designing J2EE.. is simply a nice to read source. Enthuware exams and WSD Study Guide cover most of the points discussed in the book.

3 years ago
Following is a summary of my preparation

1) The book - Web Services Up and Running by Martin Kalin.
2) Enthuware tests by Fritz Walveran.
3) OCEWSD study guide by Mikalai Zaikin.
4) Designing Web services with J2EE 1.4 platform : JAX-RPC, SOAP, and XML technologies (For best Practices)

I did not have any prior experience in Web Services and prepared for about 5 months.

A point worth mentioning - The exam had couple questions to closely test understanding of how access control (authorization,authentication) works when EJB is deployed as web service and the role of web container and the ejb container there.

I will also share some useful web site links which helped me get a clearer understanding of some topics in ths exam.

3 years ago
I wish to appear for the Web Services Developer Exam. Having cleared the Oracle Certified Programmer Certification is a pre-requsite for this exam.
Does Oracle actually verify that a candidate has cleared this exam? Should prior exams appear in the Pearson account to be eligible to appear for this exam?
I have passed/cleared the exam in the past but don't have it in my Pearson account.

Can someone please point me to some good resources to study the topic 'Apply best practices to design and implement web services'? I looked at the stuff in Ocejwsd links but could not find much.

I see a number of question on this topic in the real exam.

Thank you.
Will try to resolve with Facebook/Twitter account and reply.
Martin Kalin's book - Java WEb Services Up and Running has client code examples [REST and SOAP] against the Amazon E-Commerce service. Running those example requires registration with to get secret key and access id. When I register with this site, it asks for my active hosted website address which I don't have. Has anyone tried running these examples and faced the same issue? What did you do?
I plan to appear for web services exam. If a particular question has more than one correct answer, does the question indicate the number of answers to be chosen ? For eg. Choose 2 answers out of, say,4?