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Recent posts by Steven Fraser

If you are having issues, why don't you either open a thread or post what you have done and where you are having problems?
We are all "Lifetime Learners"...
Thank you,
3 years ago
I would probably create a person class. Then maybe a Utility class.
Do you have a vision for what the app is supposed to do without us making assumptions?
Best- Steve
3 years ago
How many bikes do you have in Inventory (Perhaps an ArrayList)?
Will you track customers?
What exactly do you want the application to do?
What is the input? What is the output?
I think it would be a good idea to figure out what you want. Sketch is out on paper. I have been following Mr. Ritchies example of writing what I want the application to accomplishment.
Best - Two Cent Steve
3 years ago
DANG!! I just purchased Java: A Beginner's Guide, Seventh Edition 7th Edition by Herbert Schildt. I haven't cracked it open yet but I sure hope it doesn't lead me astray!!!
3 years ago

At school  in the 3 hours / week of object oriented programming

I am new to Java and what I have read and what I have seen in your code is not "object oriented programming".  A good book will teach you that. Maybe even a bad book.  Can you get your money back if you paid for the course? I am no expert by any means. But really?
Best to you,
3 years ago
I am new to coding as well and absolutely love it. As with anything I have done professionally, I always use more than one resource.  I really like Head First Java although I don't own a copy and one of my favorites which I have just 'cracked open' is "Murach's Java Programming
Book by Joel Murach".
Another good suggestion is writing code and posting it (properly) so that the guru's here can give you feed back.  Attempt to solve someone else's problem. It has helped me.  Always review the basics. Use System.out.println("whatever"); to troubleshoot the code.

Best wishes and definitely get out of your comfort zone.
3 years ago
I am also teaching myself, although I have an employee who is also mentoring me, pushing me, etc.
Having said that, the Head First Java book is great!!
Murach's Java book is great also and when you think about the investment of purchasing a book, it really isn't all that much.
Best wishes to you on your path to learning Java. I think it is fair to say that with anything, it is a life long learning experience.
3 years ago
*Proper format for the posting.

3 years ago
This is coming from another newbie to Java trying to teach myself.
I actually have a very smart young Java Developer that works for me that pushes and prods me along.
He actually stresses the OOP way with Main being the ignition and the other classes containing the methods etc.
I have three books; Teach yourself Java in 24 hours (very good for non programmers or no experience) Sounds like you can skip this.
Robert Murachs book on Java and Herbert Schildts Beginning Java. These do cover OOP.

I think what you are doing by adding functionality is great. That is what I do. I also try to complete problems others are having and then receive feedback from the Saloon.
This is a GREAT site.

Best to you!
3 years ago
Got it....
3 years ago
I like to follow along on these beginners posts since I am a beginner myself.
Seems I don't understand or have all the information.
What is to be solved? Simple mathematical calculations with examples of each or is user input involved.
The reason I ask is because I believe the OP is over complicating it. Something i sometimes do.
My mentor tells me and reminds me that it "isn't magic". To us newer folks it may seem that way.
At any rate, thanks all,
3 years ago
What code do you currently have?
3 years ago
This conversation and information is invaluable.
I remember working on a database project and we began to say; "There is never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over."
So I agree with the point of the importance of doing it right and doing it in way that is understandable; for past, present and future.
3 years ago
Liutauras Vilda,
Which would lead me to ask; when writing programs, how descriptive do we want to be? Should be?
So an end user would either have to know up front what this application does and its purpose.
Is that built in through the app itself? I know we are dealing with Candy Bars and Cartons needed
and in real life someone can just whip out a calculator.
However I could see something like this in a factory and probably on a much larger scale.
But do we say: This program will calculate how many Cartons need to be manufactured based
on the number of Candy Bars we will product today. Each Carton holds 24 however, every Candy
Bar MUST be in a carton.
Babbling and I apologize but do you understand what I am saying/asking?
Thank you ALL for your thoughts.
3 years ago