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I am trying to make an updated version of Jack Hartman's UGE what it is is basically a hex editor at it core but it displays the file in decimal value instead of hex value. with the option to save newly created variables in what is called modules.

my question is I know how to read and write to a text file. But I never tried to do anything like a hex editor so, what is the proper way to open, display and write a file that displays like a hex editor?

Sorry, I don't know the proper terminology I should be using.  Can I open a file normally like a text file? e.g. .exe, .com, save game files, any other extensions besides, .txt but I guess you could open a text file in a hex editor also. or should I be using binary file operations to do what I want to do?

what I want to display:

[address offsets] [displays the file in 8 or 16 bytes per line either in decimal or hex] [displays the current lines readable characters and displays the non-readable characters as a "."]

thanks in advance
4 years ago
in order to have eclipse read text files in the IDE you have to go into the settings and tell eclipse to associate text files so they open up in the code window. If you're trying to read in a text file through your program try youtube it has many examples here is one
4 years ago